How to Get Back to the SERPS after a Google Slap

Were you enjoying good rankings in Google and then suddenly you’re not even near where you started?

The good news is these tips can help you recover.

The good news is these tips can help you recover.

Did Google just took your listing and placed in on the 10th page of search results? Or maybe it’s worse than that. Well, something could have caused this and the good news is these tips can help you recover.

Create high quality content. By saying quality, you need to be aware of two things: avoid restricted topics and create original content. First, Google does not tolerate content that contains anything related to pornography, gambling, cracking, and hacking. You will totally lose the most decent SERP you can get if your content refers to these or uses these terms. Second, copying content from other sources is not something that Google prefers. Even if your content is of quality, the original source of it will still be ranked higher by Google.

Delete Low Quality Content. Since you are moving towards creating quality content, you need to be mindful and take down fluff, irrelevant information, copied information, misleading information, unwanted content, and content that discredit your competitors. Think about this process as sifting information and filtering out those that can hurt your business, those that can hurt your competitors in an illegal way, and those that Google does not want.

Create Useful Pages Only. Note that you are paying for developers or domain companies just to get the page you want set up. However, one cautionary tip you need to consider to save your SERP is to set up pages that are useful in your business. Think about the Homepage, the FAQ, and the Product Listings pages. These pages are relevant to any website, so make sure that whatever page you include in your website has a significant function.

Avoid Duplicate Content in Your Site. Duplicate content is defined as something that you copy from another source or from another page in your site and use it in another page in your website. If Google detects this, you’re back to square one. Make sure to arrive at a creative and unique content to place in each of the pages of your website.

Avoid Buying Links to Direct Traffic to Your Site. Some companies are engaged in selling links in bulks, place them and fake pages, and help people get routed to your page through SERP. Never consider this as an option to increase your visibility. Google will catch it even before you recoup your money. Strive to get links to your page set up on trusted sources.

Check Outgoing Links before Approving Them. People place these links in your site that directs people to other web pages. This is common among blog sites where people can use your comments box to post links that can cause harm to your business. Make sure to check any links before you approve them for posting in your website as some of these links may lead to content that Google do not tolerate like those mentioned under Quality Content.

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