How to Pimp Your Headlines to Attract More Filipinos

Headlines are crucial when it comes to internet marketing – or any other type of marketing for that matter. There’s a reason why newspaper headlines are so riveting – they’re your most important attempt at getting people interested enough to read the full article.

So how exactly do you make headlines that would scream for attention? Here are some tips on how to do this.

Get the Keywords Up There!

You’re writing for the internet and the best way to get noticed is to show up at page results. You can use Google Adwords to find the best keywords for your particular niche to get ahead of the competition.

Arouse Curiosity

Filipinos are naturally curious, especially if the subject interests them. Take advantage of this fact by providing a headline that would make them want to read further.

Example: Secrets Revealed! Find out How to Get your eBook Published in 5 Easy Steps!

Ask a Question and Offer a Solution

Identify a problem and promise the existence of a solution. DO NOT give the solution in the headline – just give a “hint” that it’s possible and go from there. Remember that the headline is the bait – not the full article.

Example: Are you Having Problems Getting Your eBook Published? Here are Sure Fire Ways to Get it Done!

How To Titles

Statistics show that articles with a “How To” title get read more often than those that aren’t. If you really want to make a big impression however, try adding some numbers into that equation. The numbers simplify the discussion, allowing readers to become more intrigued with the process.

Example: 5 Simple Steps on How to Get your eBook Published!

Turn it into a Command!

Action headlines are also very compelling – it gives readers a command and naturally expects them to follow suit. Not just any command headline would do though. It has to be compelling and provides readers with a benefit should they follow the order.

Example: Get your eBook Published Today! Read Inside for More Information!

Start Comparing

If you’re introducing a new topic, method or product then going the comparison route is ideal. You can try challenging the market leader in the industry to make it more compelling.

Example: Top Reasons why Self Publishing your eBook is Better than Finding a Publisher!

Get as creative as possible without veering from the truth. Interesting fact: only 2 out of 10 people bother to read an entire article after being confronted by a headline. Your goal is to make sure that the numbers work for you by providing the best headlines possible to draw people in.

Another Thing to Remember

Headlines are just one part of the formula – your content is also important, especially if we’re talking SEO-wise. Like headlines, they keywords used and the tags for the entry matter because Google will be crawling all over that article.

There are two reasons why people read – to be informed and to be entertained. You need to hit at least one of those nails on the head in order for a headline to work. Better yet, you need to hit both at the same time to make sure that your Filipino readers will be interested.

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