Identifying Long Tail Keywords in the Philippines [For PPC Ads]

Prior to discussing long tail keywords, it’s important to first talk about PPC or pay per click. Many Filipino businesses owners are using this today, relying on the technique to boost their ranking and reel in additional prospects. Like article marketing, PPC utilizes keywords to have effective ads. The keywords themselves can be either long tail or short tail.

Usually, short tail keywords are costly and saturated.

Usually, short tail keywords are costly and saturated.

Short tail keywords are the type you see every day and probably what you use when searching. It is defined as any keyword that has one or two words in it. Long tails therefore can be anywhere from three to five words contained – sometimes even more, depending on the situation. Long tail keywords are often used by Filipino netizens to refine a search, allowing individuals to be more specific with their search results.


Hunting for QUALITY Long Tail Keywords

The first step to using long tail keywords for PPC adverts is finding the right keywords in the first place. Now, there are several tricks to do this as well as multiple programs to make the process easier.


  • Use Google AdWords to run a Search Query Report. This will show the search phrases that managed to turn up your advertisements. Now take a good look at these phrases and compare them with the keywords that you have been using throughout the campaign. These are the additional words or phrases that you should be aiming for. If you’re operating on a small budget, take the low-competition options to minimize the cost per click. We suggest changing your bids depending on the situation. If analysis shows you can maintain your current position even if you lower a bid, then do so. Take note that a Search Query Report should be done on a monthly basis to add more quality keywords to your list.
  • Use your own site search. Most websites come with their own domain search, allowing visitors to find specific items within the domain. Review these search items and target those same keywords used by clients. This is probably one of the most relevant methods business owners can use to obtain high quality keywords for their domain. Pay special attention to question phrases, geological keywords and frequent use of product names.
  • Tags / Clouding website content works pretty much the same way as studying your search history. Basically, this is an additional program that judges the frequency of the words you are using for every entry. You’ve probably seen this before – a portion of the page shows random words with some bolder and bigger than the others. Now, pay attention to the smaller words that seem to be fading the background. Is there a specific theme to these words or can they be combined together as a keyword? Run this using Google’s keyword tool and if anything comes back for low competition, this would be an ideal long tail keyword.
  • Make use of qualifying terms or descriptive terms. This will ensure that Filipino searchers looking for specific keywords will be sent directly to you. For example, the short tail keyword would be “garage doors”. You can qualify this search by using “contemporary cypress garage doors” as your tail. The specificity of the search effectively slashes off some of the competition, leading consumers to you.
  • Use different keyword tools. So far, this article has been suggesting Google AdWords as your main tool for searching ideal long tail keywords. However, there are several other
    Some examples of long tail keywords. Effectively place them in your content marketing strategies!

    Some examples of long tail keywords. Effectively place them in your content marketing strategies!

    applications that you can try out for an extensive coverage. There’s Yahoo Keyword Tools, Compete.Com and KeywordElite.Com. All of these offer very good results, allowing business owners to start somewhere.

  • Get geographically specific. Most Filipinos want to order products near their local area. This somehow increases the security issue for them as well as lowers the bills necessary for transit. Take advantage of this preference by adding geographical locations to your long tail keywords. This severely limits the competition and ensures that your advertisements are seen only by those who can really use the results.
  • Assess and identify negative keywords. These are basically the terms that do not apply to your target market or niche. A very good example for this is for individuals selling expensive items online such as designer handbags or shoes. Your negative keywords could be “cheap” or “bargain”, therefore ensuring that only the target market will be reading your promotions.
  • Create questions instead of statements. Studies show that titles starting with “how” tend to be read more and the same technique applies to long tail keywords. Use the terms “how, why, when and where” when opting for a tail since lots of people seem to prefer these when creating a search.
  • Review and refine your keyword list. Keep in mind that the competition is also making their move, so you have to be one-step ahead at all times. This means establishing a specific schedule that will allow you to assess the current KW situation and what necessary updates should be made. With this technique, you can be sure to always be a few steps ahead other websites.


Highly niched and less competitors, long tail keywords are every bit as important as short tail keywords. Considering the cost you need to invest for pay per click, it’s only crucial to utilize only the best keywords that offer excellent promise of profit.

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