Link Building for Dummies

How important is link building? We’ll discuss some few nuggets of link-juice wisdom after the jump

Having an online presence through your own website is not automatically going to bring you the traffic that you can convert into sales. With thousands of other websites out there competing for the same traffic and attention, your site can be lost amidst them unless you do something to get your site found by searchers.

Normally people who wish to make an online purchase would start with a simple search for a given keyword using a search engine like Google. The Google search bots crawl the web looking for new content and index them. When you make a query for a particular keyword, the indexed content are displayed in a list constituting the search engine result pages but the order will depend on the weight they give to all indexed content. The weight depends on a lot of factors among which is the authority or the rank that the search engine assigns a particular site. The higher the rank of a site the bigger the chances of the blog’s content landing on the top of search engine result pages will be.

Now, rank or authority is measured by search engines according to the number of incoming links from other websites to your own site. These links must not be just any link from just about any website out there. They have to be from sites with similar content and as relevant as it can be to your own website. Other links will be disregarded by the search engine bots and you may even be penalized by some of them for creating an irrelevant link farm.

This is why link building is an integral part of optimizing your site for search engines and the objective is to ‘get found’ by search engines.

Apart from incoming links, there are also internal links that you need to pay attention to. They are as equally important as the external links as they can help search engine crawlers to easily crawl your site or prevent them from going deeper into your site.

A press release with an external link to a website.

For example, every page from your site must have links to your homepage. You also need to have a contact page, a search tool, and a footer containing the copyright date. All these links allows the search engine bots to crawl your site with ease and gather all the information it requires. Search engine bots will normally stop crawling a site when it encounters problems such as a broken link. This will prevent them from crawling deeper and indexing more of your content. That is why there is a need for you to regularly check both your external and internal links if they are still working. Any broken link will stop the search engine bots from further crawling a site.

Standard Link Checks

Some websites intentionally stop search engines from crawling their link pages thinking that outgoing links count against them. They use robots.txt to do this. Never exchange links with this site as the search engine bots will not be crawling them and your link will be reported as broken. You can check this by retyping the site’s URL with robots.txt on the end. Once you see a ‘Disallow’ note on the resulting page then take down your link from this site.

Give more preference for natural links and natural links are those that links your site to other sites with similar contents. This will be taken by the search engine spiders as proof that your website is indeed useful, informative, and interesting. They will think that other sites believe you produce great content.

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