[Nerd Talk] Understanding Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns in the Philippines


enhanced campaigns memeDo you know why many barely touch SEO? Just like you, most of those who’ve tried to tame it by learning its deepest secrets ended up screaming in frustration.

Well, it’s likely that you’ve said something similar to this – “GRAAAAAHHH! WHY SEO SO HARD?? BRAIN NOT ENOUGH!” Calm down Hulk, old-school optimization is really tough. That’s why Google came up with AdWords Enhanced Campaigns. Simply put, those without superhuman intellect could use the feature to create smart ads in the Philippines that can be use across most devices, reaching their target audience relevant to their intent and context.


Smash Easy?enhanced-campaigns

Google Adwords Enhanced campaigns can really crush the competition and you don’t even have to fry your brain coming up with ways to squeeze every bit of usefulness from it. So, just to stimulate your appetite, here are some perks that GAECs provide:

  • Device Selection is Simple – before Google unveiled its new business-boosting behemoth, entrepreneurs had to learn how to carry out different strategies so that they would have effective ads on both mobiles and desktops. Now, they could simply “program” how their campaigns act. Yup, you read that right. For a single campaign, you’d be able to choose what shows up on mobile devices and what appears on PCs with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Time-and-Place Advantage – you do know that device type is only one part of the user-context equation, right? Well, Google knows that too, which is why you’d see two buttons on AdWords’ settings page – schedule and location. Those enhanced campaign controls mean one thing – you wouldn’t waste much time and money on your marketing efforts anymore. Streamlining your bids by targeting those likely to convert is no longer rocket science.
  • New-but-Proven Approach – now, you’ll learn about the most important benefit of enhanced campaigns. Companies that have adopted Google’s improved marketing solution early are already boasting about their newfound success. Some are claiming that their mobile conversion have doubled while others are saying that the number of calls that they’re getting have increased by roughly 50%. There’s no doubt that GAECs make business much more smashing-profitable.


How Use? Tell Now!

Discover some of the most useful features of GAECs and you’ll find out how to unleash their business-boosting powers.

  • The Device Function – As you’ve realized a few minutes ago, Google’s latest upgrade to its AdWords system comes with device-type options. So, what do you do with those? Once you click on the devices menu, you’d have the chance to see how many clicks you get per type of device. Once you’ve pinpointed the “machine” that brings you the most clicks, you’d need to increase your bids for it. As for those that barely generate traffic, just lower your bids on them.
  • All about the Location – Aside from tinkering with device-type functions, you need to make the most out of the locations feature. Once you’ve opened the locations page, you should check whether you’re getting hits from people near your shop or from those who live far away. Upon discovering the moneymaking distances (or radius), you only have to bid accordingly – set greater percentages for high-traffic ones and place lower multipliers for those that barely get clicks.
  • Timing Really Matters – As you’d expect, the third feature that you’ll learn how to tame is time. Well, there’s no denying that the ad-schedule function is much more complex than the other AdWords tools you’ve read about (you need to set both day and hour). After all, the time factor depends on how you run your business. Fortunately, there’s a straightforward way of benefiting from this feature – just pump up the bids for your company’s operating hours.
  • Ad-Group Creation Tool – Since transitioning to GAECs, some entrepreneurs began to rely on a single ad-group. While that might be the most convenient approach, dumping every keyword that you have in one ad-group wouldn’t be a wise idea. Some terms bring in more customers than others. That’s why you need to create multiple ad-groups, separating the most important ones and giving them much higher bid percentages than their less-profitable counterparts.
  • Fascinating Call FeatureIf your firm accepts phone calls often and it doesn’t rely too much on chat and email services, then you might want to use Google’s new call extension – a reporting metric that would allow you to track how many netizens chose to call you using the link that they’ve seen on their smartphones. It’s safe to say though, that there aren’t many Filipinos who’d call a company that way, especially if the contact details don’t reflect a mobile number.
  • Focusing on the Ads Tab – You shouldn’t miss the chance to take advantage of the mobile-ad creator. All you have to do is to come up with a few advertisements that completely suit the mobile platform, which in turn means that you’d have to tick the mobile-only box. Of course, if you’re planning to have some image ads, you should make their sizes suitable for phones. Even though certain mobile browsers have a desktop mode, only a few people are aware of that.
  • Thinking about Opt-OutsThere’s no denying that some entrepreneurs don’t need mobile ads. So, if you’re among them, forget the previous tip. The question now is this: how do you opt out of the seemingly-inescapable mobile aspect of GAECs? The answer can be found in the device-targeting menu. Instead of merely reducing your phone-specific bids by a small percentage, you must set them to -100%.


Paul’s Last Words: Competition Crush!

GAECs are new to internet marketers and entrepreneurs alike, which means that those who’d master the most important techniques first will gain the upper hand. Google has simplified the battle between businesses, but it’s still a serious battle nonetheless. Check this infographic from adigence.


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