Reaching Filipinos with the Right Keywords

In the world of online marketing, landing in the top pages of the search engine results is one of the best ways to guarantee website traffic .

There are search engine optimization techniques that internet marketers can use in order to achieve this. One of these techniques is the use of keywords in various areas in the webpage’s programming and formatting as well as in the contents and tags.

With the right keywords, you can reach your target audience and hopefully achieve a steady stream of website visitors – remember, however, that you still have to make sure that you convert these visitors into sales in order for you to do good business.


Google’s Keyword tool in Adwords – Localize them to target Filipino netizens.

Taking things a step at a time, the first thing for you to do is to find out what keywords you should use to land on top of the SERPs. We have tools today to find out what keywords people are typing into their search boxes. These keyword tools allow you to key in words that are related to your business, campaign, or content and see how the fare in the search engines. Most keyword search tools will show you the relevance and search volumes of the keywords as well as other related keywords that you can consider in your SEO.


The next step is localizing your keywords. You want to be able to reach your kababayan and not somebody else across the globe whose needs you have no way of servicing. One technique to do this is to add a local name before and after your keywords. Adding Filipino or Philippines to your keywords could do the trick. But for more specific localities in the country, you can add in the city or province to your main keyword. Your keywords for a catering service in Quezon City, for example, could be: QC caterers and caterers in QC. There are also online tools that can help you come up with various configurations of your keywords plus your location names.


You can also set your language and location in your keyword research so that you can target Filipino netizens. This will allow the keyword tool to cull information about users speaking the language or living in the location that you specified. If you have local content on your website, you can enter your URL and have the keyword tool scan your site for the best keywords to use. You can also do this using the URL of another local business similar to yours.


You do not have to stuff every possible keyword into your content and tags. Again, there are techniques for your localized SEO to work. Make sure that your keywords in your metatags, your headings, your URL, and your content all match. Your title tags and Htags also have an impact on the way your pages are crawled by the search engine spiders, so make sure that you optimize them as well. Another important factor is the order in which these keywords appear. When you get your keyword tool data, you will also get a keyword ranking based on order of significance and relevance.

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