Searching for Hot and Profitable Niches: a Must Read for Budding Bloggers

I’ve been asked a certain question far too many times: is there a convenient way to look for “hot and profitable” niches in the Philippines? Well, I really can’t blame people for wanting to discover the answer to such a query. Quite probably, you’re also spending much time online in search of the most reliable means of pinpointing a niche that would bring you success. I’m not really one who would greedily keep information to myself. So, if you’re still searching for niche-finding approaches that would not disappoint, the only thing that you have to do is to continue reading this article.


Remember the Power of the Pulse

Even though not many seem to use it for their internet marketing or blogging activities, the eBay Pulse is definitely a valuable tool in identifying the very best niches to focus on at present. As to be expected, you might still be wondering as to what makes Pulse much different from the usual “Google search approach”. You have to keep in mind that eBay’s crowd is mainly composed of people looking to spend their money, which means that Pulse stands out from other “niche lists” since it provides insights on in-demand items instead of merely containing information about general topics.

A Contender from a Search Giant

Quite probably, when you’re searching the web for advice on how to find the most impressive niches, you only pay attention to Google. Now that’s a mistake. Simply put, you should also check whether Yahoo! has some answers. Well, actually it does. Just visit the Philippines page for the Yahoo! Answers service, scroll down a bit and you would be able to find the “Popular” tab: click on it and you would realize that finding a profitable niche is as effortless as reading a few questions. After all, issues that are often discussed make for excellent topics when writing articles.

The Answers within Discussions

Now that you are well aware of the most convenient ways to identify niches that have the potential to bring you success, you should also learn about a slightly more demanding method in finding a fitting market. I’ve realized firsthand that searching for the hottest niches is an activity that is sometimes best done by visiting all sorts of discussion boards. What makes forums slightly better than eBay Pulse and Yahoo! Answers is that they contain much more information about people’s interests. In this sense, not only would you discover “niches”, you would also find out the “niches within niches”.

Being Ready to Succeed Online

Now that you know about some of the best ways to find a niche online, you finally have the “core requirement” in pursuing “blogging triumph”. Nevertheless, it would still be appropriate to reiterate the key points that we have discussed. If you’re looking for a “moneymaking” niche, you should check out eBay’s Pulse, the local version of course. Alternatively, you might want to browse the list of popular questions on the Philippines page of Yahoo! Answers. Reading the most popular posts and exploring the hottest threads in discussion boards would be advantageous as well. All in all, finding the perfect niche is not really difficult.

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