Some famous “Blackhat” online marketing methods

For quite some time in the recent past, black hat Search Engine Optimization techniques have prevailed in conquering and topping the Search Engine rankings. However, it did not take time for the leading search engines to uncover such kinds of anomaly and it led them to change their ways.

I personally applaud the re-indexing methodologies that search engines like Google has to do just to favor websites that have excellent content. In the end, it is all about keeping your website’s honesty and credibility even in the smallest manners of optimization.

Spelling the Difference: Black Hat and White Hat SEO

To put it simply, all legitimate methodologies in optimizing your website’s SEO ranking belongs to the white hat segment of the SEO spectrum. Otherwise, it belongs to the black hat segment. On top of this, black hat SEO will definitely hurt your business because these methods are severely punished and given demerits by the leading search engines. When this happens, it will be very difficult for your website to uplift your reputation.

By all means, avoid black hat SEO. Take it from me; I know some Filipino websites that have to do extreme measures like buying a new domain just to get back to the SEO game after being severely punished by practicing black hat SEO. In the succeeding sections, some of the techniques that must be avoided are discussed:


  • Link Farming: This happens when your website has more outbound links compared to inbound links. Your website may be declared as a link farm if you do not keep that balance. This is very easy to detect – and once detected, your blog will no longer be indexed.
  • Inclusion of blank pages: Tell me, why are people visiting different websites? Of course, they want to get some pertinent information. Now, if you include blank pages, then that will defeat this purpose. To tell you the truth, this is gravely punished by search engines, so better avoid this one.
  • Hiding of Keywords: In order to rank high, some website owners include keywords written with the same color as the background. However, the bad news is that this is easily detected by search engines. Google usually suspends websites practicing this black hat SEO method.
  • Entry Using the Backdoor: Creation of backdoors usually results to the banning of the website for an indefinite period.
  • Utilization of Unrelated Keywords: This is usually done by websites all in the name of traffic generation. However, this kind of confusing and misleading methodology is not a suggested strategy for SEO.
  • Quality of Content: Google can easily sense if your content are original and copyscape hit-free. While these are highly rewarded, posting plagiarized content is punished. Likewise, poorly written content is another reason to worry because it may lead to non-inclusion in the indexing process of search engines.
  • Keyword Stuffing: Yes, gone were the days when repetition of keywords is forgivable. Today, webmasters are encouraged to come up with high quality content and this is rewarded by higher search engine ranking.


I ate spam for breakfast 😀 Lol



The Bottom Line

In the end, it still pays off to go for the legitimate methods of optimizing your search engine rankings. Also, consulting the search engine guidelines constantly is rewarding because, in reality, these are constantly changing.


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