The Anatomy of a Page Rank – How Google Likes your Website

No one really knows the exact way Google ranks websites, but we definitely have a good guess on how it works. Well, the authorities also managed to release some information about it and this is what websites are using today to get their ranking up the page search results.

 Your Web’s Age

This is the factor that’s really hard to control since you can’t prematurely age your website. Google tends to value the domains that have been in the internet longer.  Since we can’t do any more on that one, we’ll just move on to other parts of the anatomy.

Incoming Links

Links coming from different websites are also crucial and the more you have, the better. Note though that Google also takes link quality into factor. Basically, if your links are coming from high-ranking domains, then you’re definitely going to get better results.

Your Keywords

Keywords are a very important tool when trying to up your page. These are basically the words that are highly relevant to your domain and will therefore be used to find it. If you’ve been using the Google search engine for some time, then you should have a pretty good idea of how keywords work. One good technique I noticed when it comes to situations like this is deliberately misspelling a word. This allows you to monopolize a keyword while at the same time getting the people who are looking for that product.

Posting Frequency

Aside from the content of your website, how often you update is also crucial. It’s not just a numbers game though as Google reveals. If you manage to post several updates within a short span of time, that’s going to look suspicious. Not posting enough will also be looked on badly. Hence, your goal is to reach that medium – preferable 1 to 3 updates per day. What it boils down to is what niche your site is catering to.

Click Through Rate

This refers to the amount of people that clicks through to your site. It also takes note of where the visitors originally came from before getting to your domain. For example, did they use the search engine, get it from a forum or used their bookmark function?

Seasons and Fads

This is definitely one of the most interesting abilities of Google – to rank your page based on what’s trending. For example, if it’s the season for winter and you’re selling some winter clothes – expect to get more attention from the search engine. This actually allows you to take advantage of trends and fads like memes. By doing this, you will always be within Google’s attention zone.

What to Remember!

Those are just some of the elements you get to manipulate nowadays in order to get results. One thing to keep in mind though is that Google changes their ranking qualifications from time to time so it’s best to keep up. Also, don’t even DARE circumvent those rules that Google has set up because believe me, THEY KNOW. You might find yourself totally ignored by the search engine and that would be worse.

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