The Going rate for Filipino SEO Specialists

In all my years as an internet marketer and digital marketing consultant, the one thing that always breaks my heart is to see an internet marketing peer hopelessly struggling to do SEO on his own without really fully understanding the finer, touchy ramifications of it.

The advantages and disadvantages of hiring or working with Philippine based SEO specialists.

The advantages and disadvantages of hiring or working with Philippine based SEO specialists.

It breaks my heart to see them spend a great deal of time and money on something that never delivered results. And as always, like a father to his son, I give them my two cents worth of advice – outsource.

Those who heeded my advice are doing well now and their sites have started to rank with various search engines. The best part is they are now able to spend a bigger chunk of their time on their respective online business where it should be in the first place. And you’d guess it right -they were able to outsource with overseas SEO service providers particularly with Filipino SEO Specialists. It cost them a mere third of what it would have otherwise cost them had they availed of local SEO services.

Why the Philippines is a favorite Business Process Outsourcing Destination

In case you are still unaware of it, next to India, the Philippines is the next favorite destination for many business process outsourcing needs including SEO. In fact, a lot of large financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase have centered their operations in the country while a large number of local BPOs have partnered with Filipino SEO specialists. And, this is all because of the abundance of cheap yet highly skilled talent in the country.

How much it will cost you to hire Filipino SEO Specialists

I guess the reason why you are now reading this article is because you have already considered this option well and are just concerned with the cost. So, I am not going to bore you with the ‘whys’ because I assume you are by now familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of hiring or working with Philippine based SEO specialists.

Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines would cost you somewhere between $2/hour to $4/hour depending on the length of experience and the depth of expertise of the one you are hiring. Subscribing to a whole package of SEO services from a Philippine based service provider will only cost you a mere $500/month to $1,000/month. This is definitely a lot cheaper than the $2,000 to $4,000 per month being charged by local SEO outfits.

To give you a better perspective on the going rate of Filipino SEO Specialists, I have prepared the following table of the going rate for the more common SEO tasks to serve as your guide.

SEO Task to Outsource Project based Hourly Rate Monthly Rate of  Hired Full Time
Virtual Assistant $2 to $4 per hour $500/month
Article Writer $1 per 100 words minimum $500/month
Link Building $4 per hour average $500/month
Web/Graphic Design Specialist $6 per hour average $700 per month
Programming $8 per hour average $900 per month
Keyword Research $2 to $4 per hour $250 per month
Project Management $5 per hour average $650 per month


Apart from highly qualified individual freelancers, there are also a lot of Philippine based SEO outfits who can provide you complete SEO services. Their all-in service package ranges from $500 to $1,500 per month and it comes with a full complement of staff to cover every aspect of your SEO requirements.

Consider hiring them Full Time

Don’t fret about why it is cheaper to outsource your SEO with Filipino specialists. The cost of living in the Philippines is a great deal lower than in the US or the UK.  The important thing is you are able to get the same, if not a better quality of work from Filipino SEO service providers for a much lower rate than what you would otherwise pay local SEO service providers in your own country.

The above table merely reflects the prevailing rates for Filipino SEO Specialists.  However, if you intend to hire a loyal, dependable, trust-worthy Filipino worker who will grow with your business, you should consider giving him or her a much more reasonable rate. Remember the old adage “an employee’s loyalty is first and foremost to his pocket”. He will stick with you if you give him enough to live and raise his family comfortably.

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