The importance of Press Releases to SEO

Press Releases are official forms of communications that tell people about your company, your products and services as well as the latest developments in your business. Press releases are normally distributed to and posted by various online media outfits. They are also crawled by search engine bots and its SEO value stems from the fact that it creates a back link to your site.

The best part is the back link will be coming from a media site that search engines consider as an authority site. The back link created by press releases is therefore a quality link, which is given more weight by search engines. Quality links improve a site’s ranking and increases the chances of its contents landing in the top pages of search engine results.

However, like all other contents in your site, press releases must be optimized for search engines. This means each press release you write must have your main keywords in them and especially written for SEO purposes too. Press releases will enhance your ‘findability’ in the web since it increases your site’s visibility with search engines. The more press releases are published by different media sites, the more quality back links you create for your site.

If your company does not have enough funds for a full-blown online marketing campaign, you can fill the gap with press releases. Press releases have the same effect as submitting articles to article directories. They not only create back links but also increase traffic to your site. 

Below is a summary of the benefits of using press releases as part of your online marketing strategy:

  • Press releases enriched with keywords and with embedded links to other sites enhance the chances of your site appearing on the top pages of search engine result pages.
  • Posted on various news sites like Google News and Yahoo, press releases will get your site rank faster and with less difficulty.
  • Quality back links are created earning your site more authority with different search engines.
  • You also gain more advertising mileage and more quality back links as your press releases are picked up and posted by different newsrooms and other media outfits.
  • Press Releases are one of the more effective and cost efficient ways of developing a brand image for your company.
  • Press releases are simple ways of increasing public awareness for your company, your products, and services.

Nowadays, a lot of people get their news from online sources. Studies show that 61% of Americans take to online sources for their news. It may not yet be the case yet in the Philippines but we can safely assume that the number may not be too far away. It therefore will pay back well if you include press releases as part of your online marketing strategy as it is one of the best ways to improve your rankings.

But, wait up because you don’t just write a press release anyway you want to. It must be optimized for SEO and must follow certain guideline. First of all, the title must not be more than 100 characters long and must have your main keyword in it. It must be followed by a summary that should not be more than 250 characters and has at most two keyword phrases in them. The body of the press release must be written in the third person and must have a unique content. It should be no more than 300 to 350 characters and must be related to the category of news under which it falls. It should also contain information about your company as well as your contact details.

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