Tips for Effective SEO in Highly Competitive Niches

Google’s updates have seemingly made it more difficult for online marketers to compete in extremely competitive niches, such as real estate.

Use of high quality content and the right techniques makes it possible to thrive even in the face of fierce competition.

Use of high quality content and the right techniques makes it possible to thrive even in the face of fierce competition.

However, with the use of high quality content and the right techniques, it is still possible to work with Google’s new algorithms to not only survive, but also thrive even in the face of fierce competition. Here are some SEO tips that will help you stay competitive.

  1. When it comes to backlinks, quality trumps quantity. You actually don’t need to have thousands of backlinks to your site to remain competitive. What is important is the quality of the backlinks that you are getting. Even a handful of high-quality backlinks can help you get better rankings on search engines pages compared with sites that may have lots of links, but most of these are random links or spam. The sites that you can use to get quality backlinks include your vendors, industry blogs and niche directories.
  2. Use long tail keywords. Short key phrases are extremely competitive and hard to get indexed for. Instead, go for longer key phrases of three to four words that are easier to get ranked for in Google or Yahoo and are more specific. For example, instead of ‘weight loss’, try ‘five day weight loss’. While these key phrases may be searched for less, the people who do searches for them are more knowledgeable and motivated, and more likely to convert from leads to customers.
  3. Place quality content on your site. Content has always been key when it comes to ranking highly on search engine results pages, but more so now that Google has changed its analytics and its bots have learned to become more discerning as to what is good or bad content. Stuffing your text with keywords is no longer enough to simulate relevance and get high rankings; in fact, it might even get you slapped by Panda. If you already have evergreen content on your site, you don’t even need to change it. All you have to do is update it and maybe refresh the keywords. Keep in mind that what is important is the quality of the content; don’t post fresh content on your site for the sake of doing so if it is of poor quality.
  4. Use local keywords. You can get better results with your keywords if you add locally-focused terms. For example, instead of just using ‘laptop repair’ you can score higher by using ‘laptop repair timog’ or ‘laptop repair taguig’. This will help customers who are seeking your services find you more easily.
  5. Build a strong presence in social networking sites. You can brand yourself by setting up a Facebook page and interacting with your clients, or set up a Twitter feed and send out tweets relevant to your niche. Focus on what makes you stand out in your niche. What do you have to offer that is different from your competitors and which is particular to you? Social networking is also a great way to get relevant and high quality backlinks as well as driving motivated traffic to your website.
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