Tips to Make Your Blog Viral

There are millions of viruses that you would wish never to contract, but this is the only kind that you would want to go to great lengths to acquire. Viral blog posts—the holy grail of all internet ranters and of online marketers. But is there a sure-fire way to make your newest entry be the Gangnam Style of the writing world (Op-Op-Op-Op-Op!), or is it just an elusive dream?

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

Obviously, if there was a step-by-step instruction on how to make your posts go viral, everybody would’ve done it already. But the reason viral blog posts are so coveted is because it doesn’t happen to everybody, and is supposedly hard to do.

Of course, that’s not to say that all past viral posts became viruses just because of dumb luck. If you look at them closely, you can see some similarities and pattern that will emerge.


  1. Be the Best – at Something or at Everything.

More people search the internet for answers to some of life’s most difficult questions, like where is Chuck Norris. Being the best at what you do will ensure you that your posts will get viral at some point.

If you can’t be the best at what you do, well… You can try to fake it, but just a little. You can make it sound funny, so your readers will not take you too seriously, and will understand that you are only looking for attention.

  1. Be the Worst.

If there’s one thing we Filipinos know, it’s that nobody pays attention to the middle child (am I right, or am I right?). Being mediocre is possibly the worst area you can fall under when it comes to the internet, because nobody pays attention to the “just okay”. If you’re not the best, and you can’t fake being the best, then go a full 180 and be the worst at what you do.

Remember Mr. Hung? The song Ken Li? Friday, Friday, Friday? Yes. I still remember those, too.

  1. Be Unique

Now, it’s understandable if you wouldn’t want to try being the worst at something, especially if you’re going for a business venture. What you can try to do at that point is to be unique.

Here’s a simple example. Pick which of these titles would you most likely to read: “Bottled water saves elderly man from kidney stones”, or “Water now sold in handy plastic bottles”? Unique is eye-catching, and everything that’s catchy is certainly contagious.

Add something unique to your content, or something equivalent to crazy horseman dance moves in writing.

  1. Rave. Or Rant.

You don’t need to set fire to the rain for your Mocking jay to catch fire. All you need to do is rave about something everybody else has been raving about.

Or, do the opposite (again). Everybody loves a good, spitting, scathing rant about recent debates, like patent issues and senate hearings. If you ride the latest wave, you’ll get caught in the stream of curious supporters and might get lucky.

Which brings us down to…

  1. Get a Four-Leafed Clover Trampled By a Dead Rabbit’s Foot Severed By a Flying Golden Horseshoe Found Inside a Pot of Gold From the End of a Rainbow

Simply put: be extremely, extremely lucky.

Those are my tips on how to make your blog posts viral. Is it hard to do? Uh, yes. But is it impossible? Not really. With the right combination, who knows? You might be the next big thing hitting the news feed of everyone’s favorite social networking site.


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