What all Filipino SEO Specialists needs to know about Social Signals

Google’s latest Penguin update which also brought about the rise to prominence of social signals as vital search engine ranking factors must have caught SEO specialists the world over by surprise – perhaps including you.

what-in-the-world-is-a-social-signal-L-YiaU2E If you happen to be one of the average Filipino SEO specialists out there who are rather familiar with both whitehat, greyhat and blackhat SEO techniques, for sure you won’t hesitate to use any or all of them just to deliver the promised results of landing your growing lot of international clientele on top of search engine result pages.  And for sure too, you may be one of those still nursing the pain from the Google hanky-spanking.

Don’t worry because nobody will fault you for your efforts. Everyone knows that your intention is not really to ‘game’ the system but to generate more traffic for your clients’ websites and enhance their conversions. Everybody knows how competitive the SEO industry is and getting close to knowing the innards of the algorithm will surely give you the edge over your competitors and deliver the goods for your clients. However, it is high time you reconsider your position because with the Penguin update all your old SEO techniques will no longer matter much in ranking your sites. Social Signals are now the apple in the eye of almost all search engines and the sooner you zero in all your efforts to it the better it will be for you and your clients.


What is a Social Signal?

When someone re-tweets, shares, re-pins, stumbles, or comment positively on any of your posts he actually builds a link between his social media profile and your web page. This link is what is now known as the social signal. To the search engines particularly Google, such links have more value than traditional back links because they are practically deemed as votes of confidence coming from actual users. To the search engines such endorsements mean the post is valuable enough for people to recommend it to or share it with their peers. This is why search engines give these links more weight and ultimately rank the post higher it their search results. Besides, not only are these links organic, they are also deemed to be pure and natural coming from real people who finds the post to be of great enough value for them to want to recommend it to their friends. It is therefore but natural for the search engines to accord the posts having social signals with the same importance the endorsers have given them and recognize the site as an authority on the subject.

SEO Impact Factors from smobuddy.

SEO Impact Factors from smobuddy.


What you need to know: Social Signals have a direct impact on your SERP Ranking

Social signals can directly and indirectly affect your ranking on search results. Here it is the numbers that come into play. Logically, the greater the number of the signals the heavier the weight will be in search rankings. But hold your horses first before you start thinking of taking the shorter route to the top of the rankings. Google is not going to merely count the numbers. They will also look into the authority and the relevance of the social media endorser as much as the numbers and will base its weight accordingly.  Signals from fake profiles will therefore have no value at all under the latest Google update. So don’t even think about it.

The most important social signals which can directly affect your SERP rankings are listed below.

  • Facebook Likes  & Facebook Shares  are both given weight since they reflect the fact that your followers do not only view your posts  but are also sharing it with the rest of their friends and book marking it for future use.
  • Twitter Followers – The numbers here are significant in so far as to indicate your sphere of influence and the potential of your posts going viral. They gain more significance once they start tweeting your brand and re-tweeting your posts.
  • Tweets that mentions your company name, brand, or products is given more weight than the number of tweeter followers you have especially if they carry links to your own website..
  • Google Circles” (Google+)  – The number of  people on Google+ who includes you in their circles is also an important ranking factor. This is Google and everything you do within Google+ becomes significant.
  • Other Social Media Networks

Of course, the social signals from other social media networks like LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr , and Pinterest  are also given weight by search engines but not as much as the top three mentioned above.


Some Facts and Figures about Social Signals You Need to Know About

If you are one of the few remaining hold-outs who still stick with the old backlinking techniques perhaps the following statistics about social signals can serve as an eye opener.

  • About 3.2 billion comments and likes are posted on Facebook on a single day not to mention the 137 million daily status updates and the 172 million daily visitors
  • Twitter  shares an average of 230 million tweets per day
  • YouTube averages 1 billion monthly users a month with 72 hours of video  uploaded every minute.
  • Approximately eighty percent of pins on Pinterest are actually re-pins from the original posts with the site itself chalking up 17 million daily visitors.
  • Over seven million active users use Instagram daily
  • Google + averages 20 million daily visitors.

What these figures mean is that we now live in a social world with our kids who’d be the future consumers growing up already used to having the various social networking sites as part of their daily fare. You can just imagine the impact of social signals on practically everything when their time comes. In other words, everything else in this world is going social including search and it would be disastrous for anyone to keep ignoring this.


Paul’s Last Words: About Social Signals

In conclusion, we can say that Social Signal is bound to be the standard for the new SEO. Aside from improving search ranking, it also significantly reduces bounce rate as people tend to stay on a page longer while they like, share, comment, re-tweet, re-pin for their social network friends. Social signal enhances your brand’s visibility as friends of your friends start tagging each other creating new inbound links in the process and moving your ranking a notch higher in the search engine result pages. Always connect your website with social media activities – Don’t get tired, keep posting and sharing often! It is the future of basic SEO. =)




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