Who is Sean Patrick Si?

When it comes to Filipino achievers in Information Technology, you can only count them by hand.

One of the Filipino achievers in Information Technology. His name has been circulating around SEO topics online.

One of the Filipino achievers in Information Technology. His name has been circulating around SEO topics online.

Some are still in obscurity trying to get their hands on what they will eventually do best, but some have already made it. Take for example Sean Patrick Si. Recently, his name has been circulating around SEO topics online. If you want to know him better, here is a not-so complete bio of his.

Sean Patrick Si, now 24, is the owner and the Managing Director of SEO Hacker, an IT company. He finished his studies in De La Salle University and has taken Information and Communications Technology Management for a degree. After earning his degree, he started invading the SEO scene when he was contacted for SEO-related speaking engagements by various institutions like University of the Philippines College of Law (2012) and DLSU CCS (2012), AMA (2010), and College of St. Benilde (2010). He also addressed special audiences outside of academic premises by being featured in TV5’s Interaksyon Team in 2012.

In terms of his employment, he started out by working as a Sales Agent for St. Patrick Marketing for six months between 2008 and 2009. He moved on to become a Process Documentation Analyst for LWS Media in 2009. He was later transferred to being an SEO Specialist in the same company later that year. In less than four months of working as an SEO Specialist, he became a Web Moderation Specialist and a Manager.

Following his experience with LWS Media, Sean worked as a Technology Consultant for Hewlett-Packard in 2010. He stayed there for seven months. He then transferred to SEO Hacking as an SEO Specialist and Consultant and in three months, became the company’s Managing Director and Proprietor. He summarized his current job helping business owners when it comes to marketing their websites and increasing their SERP rankings on Google.

Born from Chinese parents, Sean was raised in the Philippines as a Born Again Christian. He spends his time blogging, designing, playing computer games and sports, teaching, and socializing. He has fondness for sweet foods like Tiramisu, chocolates, and the Blueberry Froyo. He loves Apple products.

To learn more about Sean, you can check his profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and the SEO Hacker website.

About SEO Hacker

The SEO Hacker is a company devoted to making The Philippines a premier search engine optimization and internet marketing servicing country. It currently offers the following services: Search Engine Optimization, Blog Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Application Development, Conversion Rate Optimization, Online Reputation Management, and Email Marketing.

In addition to its services, SEO Hacker also offers a chance to develop SEO skills through the SEO Hacker School. In 15 days, students or trainees, which are referred to as “Insiders,” will have the chance to learn about how search engines work, onsite optimization, title tag optimization, link building, meta tags, and keyword optimization. Interested individuals can also skip being Insiders by directly enrolling as a Sterling Student to get access to all of the modules offered by SEO Hacker School.

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