Why did Google Abandon the Meta Keywords Feature?

The answer is simple; it is more trouble than it is worth. The goal of this post is to expound on that idea; or beat Meta keywords to a pulp, whichever way you view it.

Meta Keywords: The Pledge

SEO optimizers will sell you the idea that regardless of how worthless your website is, it can get you to rank number one on the search engine results. Talk about reaching for the sky here, getting to the first page is hard enough, but number one! There are two types of pledges. The first is that you absolutely need to hire their services, sort of like outsourcing. The second is the “it is so easy it should be illegal”, do it yourself manual that cost an arm and a leg.


Look at all those keywords in this site’s source code! 😀

Meta Keywords: The Turn

What exactly is a Meta Keyword? This is a list of important themes on a webpage. The format is usually:


<meta name=”keyword” content=”keyword, keyword phrase, etc.” >


The same is used by some search engines to help determine ranking. In actuality, Meta keywords are considered but do not play a big part in your rankings. At the very least, it helps identify the website. However, unscrupulous SEO optimizers make a big deal out of this and make it out as the holy grail of SEO.


What is worst is that a lot of SEO optimizers copy past the Meta keywords of the most popular websites and then piggyback on the name of that same website in order to be associated with it. This is regardless of the fact that those keywords are actually used in the website. The clever thing about this is that the users do not really see Meta keywords so the content and flow of the website is uncompromised.


Meta Keywords: The Prestige

The website jumps a few pages or even lands on the first page. The client is happy. The SEO Company gets praised and paid for a job well done. But this was a few years ago. Nowadays Google has tweaked the way it ranks in response to the proliferation of so-called SEO optimizers who are nothing more than Meta tag copy paste professionals are.


Meta Keywords: What Did Google Do Exactly?

Because of irrelevant Meta keyword, stuffing Google now disregards keyword Meta tags in ranking. As a result, the same should not affect search engine rankings. The rationale is there are other more reliable methods of ranking to utilize.


To Clarify

Google does not use Meta keywords to rank, however Google does not totally disregard the same. This is because Google still supports several Meta tags like description tags. In fact, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) being sold does support Meta tags. The GSA is separate and distinct from the main web search, which is Google.com.


A Word to the Wise

Search engine optimization is serious business. This means the website is properly ranked based on content and actual visitors, etc. Any shortcuts that enterprising SEO optimizers sell may work for the time being, but Search engine administrators are working nonstop to identify the same and then disregard it.


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