10 Awesome Examples of Facebook Ads in the Philippines


Facebook Ad Fail – that’s the general conclusion the public had after hearing about the General Motors fiasco. To sum it up, the big company decided to cut their social media marketing spending by $10 million. Apparently, the whole thing did not work for them.

This information shouldn’t discourage Philippine companies though. After launching a search on General Motors, it came to light that the company doesn’t do well with online marketing – at ALL. It’s likely that their problem is not with social media marketing but rather, on the way they use it.

As for the Philippine market, you’d find that Facebook Ads are providing fruitful results for many businesses. Here are some samples of winning Facebook Ads today!


10 Awesome Facebook Ad Examples

After laying down the ground rules for an effective Facebook ad, the next step is to formulate the actual phrase that will engage the readers. Here are ten examples of some of the most engaging Facebook ads to date!




1- Use the Image – Remember: most people react better to visual stimulants. Make good use of the image offered by Facebook to reel your market in. This advertisement from Park Inn comes with the added bonus of getting the vacation for free.




2- Bank on a Popular Product – Stop focusing on the brand for a moment and think about the most popular thing you can offer. See here at Cadbury how their main image is the famous Dairy Milk product.




3 – Identify a Desire – seriously – who doesn’t want to have their own home? This ad from Avida doesn’t just





4 – BIG Discounts – a classic ploy, this one from Zalora advertises up to 60% of discounts. Now who could resist a price cutback as big as that? Studies show that even with such a big discount, companies eventually earn it back.




5- Keep it Informative – pretty soon Facebook will be saturated with pages aiming for “likes”. Aim a bit higher by obtaining the loyalty of your followers by providing them useful information. Cerelac’s advertisement reels in the mom by promising them help when it comes to raising their child.





6 – Charity-Oriented – this is a very powerful marketing strategy by LeapFrog. The lure of being able to help is always strong – who wouldn’t want to help a child just be clicking the “like” button?







7 – Trigger Curiosity – “What are you Doing Wrong?” or some other question that triggers the curiosity and prompts people to click. Take the dating site given as an example. It’s obviously not something you’d stumble into easily – but the question is something every woman asks.







8 – It’s FREE – getting something for free is always a big attraction – especially with the Filipino market. Here’s an advertisement from Serps.com that’s short and concise with an added bite of a free trial – perfect for Pinoy entrepreneurs.





9 – Use Statistics – for some users (especially online entrepreneurs), the promise of results is not enough. Follow HubSpot’s example and provide concrete facts about what clicking to your page can offer.





10 – Identify a Problem – check out this Ad from Del Monte. First, they’ve identified a problem and offered a solution through their product.






Facebook Statistics in the Philippines

There’s no question about it – Filipinos go gaga over Facebook. Just recently, the Catholic Church even commented that the internet in general is one of the reasons why less and less youths are leaning towards religion. Although the statement is true or not is irrelevant – the point is that we are indeed one of the fastest growing communities in the leading social networking websites.

  • As of September 2011, it is estimated that there are more than 30 million internet users in the Philippines.
  • Out of the 30 million online users, 23 million of those have Facebook accounts.
  • The Philippines occupies the 7th spot in the list of most Facebook users by country. Our count? Roughly 23,500,000 people.
  • That’s not all! The numbers show that more Filipinos are yet to create their Facebook account. The country has an estimated growth rate of 4.66% per year.
  • The country’s growth rate is the second largest out of the top ten countries with most Facebook users. The honour of being the first goes to Mexico at 5.93%
  • More than half of the Filipino Facebook population are composed of women – specifically 52% of them.
  • 94% of the Filipino Facebook accounts are active monthly. This means that more than 22 million Filipinos check their Facebook accounts at least once a month.


Summary of Strategies

To sum it up, you’ve got several “possible” techniques when deciding on a Facebook Ad. Although the strategies are issued differently, they can be summed up into one specific factor: answering a desire in your target market.

Once you’ve figured out the people you’re trying to advertise to, the next question to ask would be: what do they want? The answer to that is YOUR winning Facebook ad formula! Keep in mind though that with the limited amount of words you can put up on that Facebook ad, it’s important that you also consider other factors when marketing.


  • Your Goals – do you want your ads to generate more likes? Profile views? Leads or do you want to lead people into a landing page? Set a specific goal that you want to achieve with the ads.
  • Your Market – are you aiming for males, females or anyone within a specific city in the Philippines? Know the people you’re marketing to because the ad should be directly speaking to them. DEFINE YOUR MARKET FIRST.
  • Timing Matters – the composition of Filipinos online in FB change on a day to day basis. It’s crucial that you know exactly what group you’re targeting so you can anticipate the best time to display those Ads. Even the season should be timed perfectly. For example, what would be the point of advertising about swimwear if it’s in the middle of the rainy season?


Whenever creating Facebook Ads for the Philippine market, always keep this one word in mind: RELEVANCE. Once you’ve got those pinned, everything else should be a snap!

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