11 Insider’s Secrets of Pinterest Marketing in the Philippines


Practically everything you find online can be a marketing trampoline – if you know how to use it. This is exactly how things turned out for Pinterest. Mostly a tool for trigger-happy hipsters and wanna-bee photographers, the website has entered the mainstream and is now a favourite of avenue for many online marketers.

As what may be obvious from the name, Pinterest is a website which allows you to “pin” something that interests you in their huge pin boarding site.  You have the option of allowing everybody to see what you’ve got or keeping it private to a limited amount of people.


The Marketing Potential of Pinterest

This CEO has a silly problem.

This CEO has a silly problem.

The main marketing potential of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is that they’ve got MILLIONS of users. Pinterest is no different as the statistics show that this platform supports a growing community.

  • The amount of users in the website is at 3.3 million.
  • According to the Compete website, Pinterest unique visitors have increased by 429% during the last quarter of 2011.
  • It’s actually one of the top social network’s today – bigger than LinkedIn and the alleged ghost town Google+.
  • Pinterest makes use of pictures and as the old adage goes – a picture is worth a thousand words or a thousand pesos if you’re using it as a marketing strategy for Filipinos.
  • Though it’s still in the infancy stage in the Philippines, studies show that a large amount of people actually use Pinterest to canvas what they like to buy.
  • A recent statistic sweep shows that Pinterest actually gets more traffic than Twitter!


What Can Pinterest do for Me in the Philippines?

A lot – if you’ve been paying attention. When used properly, you can actually improve the overall standing of your local business. Here are just some of the things Pinterest can do over a period of proper use:

  • Increase sales.
  • Improve company branding.
  • Extend product’s network with complementary businesses – even pave the way for new partnerships.
  • Introduce the business to a new market or increase your existing one.
  • Improve the company’s reputation.


Top 11 Pinterest Marketing Strategies for Filipino Online Entrepreneurs

  1. Choose what you pin wisely. Keep in mind that Pinterest is ALL ABOUT PICTURES so have something that instantly grabs the attention of lookers. If you’re selling food, make it appetizing and if you’re in the business of package vacations – show them a breathtaking image. Studies also show that pins with prices on them sell better because no one likes to guess how much they’d spend on something.
  2. Take advantage of the user-generated pinboard. This allows others to contribute to your content which screams “customer relations”. In here, you can create rapport with your supporters, present a more attractive image of your company and basically turn clients into loyal customers.
  3. Integrate your Pinterest account with the official website. You can do this by adding the Pin-It button to your website. It will also be a good idea to put a link from your Pinterest profile to your domain. With a two-way link, you’d be able to lead clients from both ends of the spectrum, therefore allowing better sharing opportunities.
  4. Use How-To tutorials if you’re in the position to do so. How-To pins are very useful because they take lots of space which means you can instantly grab attention. Also, it directly helps people which are a plus. How-To images are best for arts and crafts projects, recycling materials or as life hacks. At the end, insert information about where they can get supplies for the project and that’s an instant sell!
  5. Be consistent with your Pinterest pins and update regularly. Remember that there are millions of users for this site so you always need something “new” to avoid being
    Dory Spoof =)

    Dory Spoof =)

    flooded by other pins. Make it an everyday thing if need be. Take note of the pins you’ve gotten good feedbacks in and re-pin them to boost exposure.

  6. Utilize hashtags efficiently. If you’re a Twitter user (and you should be!) then you’d already have an idea on how to do this. Hashtags make your pins more search friendly so be careful when choosing keywords.
  7. Watermark your content to drive traffic to your website and boost branding. Make it a simple watermark that doesn’t stop your viewers from thoroughly enjoying the picture. This also works well when it comes to authorship.
  8. Contests are hot – Filipinos love contests! Especially if you’ve got a really likable prize. Host something that involves your brand. For example, if you’re selling arts and crafts materials, ask followers to pin an image of something they’ve made from your materials and old newspapers. Make it a challenge and invite everyone to join in. Make sure to read Pinterest guidelines before hosting any games though.
  9. Sometimes, an image can only do so much. Depending on your product, a single shot or even a series of one is not enough to convey exactly what your product can do. Fortunately, Pinterest also allows you to post videos which should provide a much better image of what you are and what you offer. Follow the general guidelines for creating a hit video.
  10. The golden rule in every internet marketing guide – track and customize. Be aware of your Pinterest public’s response and change your tactics accordingly. Luckily, Pinterest offers an on-site analytics so it shouldn’t be hard to find out your reach within the community.
  11. Keep up with any changes in the Pinterest community. Like Facebook, Pinterest likes to do some “upgrades” to keep it more interesting. By knowing exactly what those are, you’d be able to adjust and take advantage of the marketing potential of the domain.


Paul’s Last Words:

To wrap it up, Pinterest can be a very useful venue for self-marketing without being too obvious. Not just that, but you don’t have to spend a dime in the process – perhaps just a few hours of your time each day.

If there’s anything you have to keep in mind when launching a Pinterest-centered marketing campaign, it’s IMAGE. This is the first thing followers see so make sure that it leaves an impression. Once you’ve perfected the main bait, everything else should be easier.



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