13 Fatal Mistakes of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

“I’m getting married!” says a status update from your best friend’s Facebook account. It would be your moment as the best man, too! But the post was seen by 500 people and written in one of the comments is: “Juan is my best man.” You are not Juan. A post from a college mate says, “See you in Session Road @7 tonight people!” You’re in Manila. Its 6PM. Finally, a friend tagged you in a picture taken on the 20th of April in Ilocos. That same day, you’re in Palawan. You go to Twitter. You read the same things.

Even as social media in the Philippines causes you envy, irritation, disappointment, intrusion, and desperation, it offers its own perks. What seems like channels full of nonsense information can actually be a portal for you to reach an audience you barely even know. Enter social media marketing. It’s one of the recent trends for the past three years now. And if you’re left behind, it’s time to catch up.


The Pros of Social Media Marketing

Simplicity. All you need to do is to create a business page, launch a campaign, give it a boost, prepare a content calendar, and schedule your posts.

Reach. Filipinos who are scattered in all corners of the world will get to see what your campaign is. The more exposure your campaign has, the higher probability of you winning customers. If that happens, your conversion rate increases and so does your revenues.

Manageability. You get to make the world revolve around your business with a single touch. Imagine how you can actively participate in the activities of your business page and how you can control the campaigns that are active.


13 Social Media Pitfalls

In a country that ranks in the top 10 in terms of Facebook users, it is not surprising that on one fateful day, you’d go viral. However, social media marketing is not only about the good times. It has its own detriments and you are at fault. Why? It’s because everything is under your control. Check these out.

1.) Inappropriate content. Try posting something considered offensive, controversial, irrelevant, or inappropriate to the public’s eye. You won’t escape the ire of the online community. If by using ambiguous content, you hope for popularity, then it might as well be your farewell party.

2.) SPAM-like content. While the food version is delicious, the social media content counterpart of it is not good. Try posting at least 20 images, status messages, or videos in 20 minutes. You won’t only be seen as a spammer but someone might actually get to report your feeds as spam. Good luck with that. There are ethical considerations when it comes to posting so do not be too excited to advertise.

Being cold as stone. It’s a renowned ice cream company in the US and Europe but it won’t make you famous when you choose not to acknowledge comments, gratify likes and shares, respond to inquiries, and address complaints. This is probably the challenge in Filipino customer service relations. Some companies manage to “ignore.” Do not be one of those companies or suffer the consequences in the long run.

Too much focus on Facebook. Too much focus on a single networking site potentially limits your marketing potential. So what you ought to do is to consider your target. Twitter, an equally popular social networking site, is good for news and information. LinkedIn, is good for headhunting. Targeting your social marketing campaigns to where you intended audience is matters. It’s a wise move not to put all your eggs in one basket.

Missing a plan. Even a small business needs a business plan. A regular meeting needs an agenda. The same holds true for social media marketing. Not having a plan at all might lead you to get stuck and all you ever will think about is “if only…”

Underestimating social media marketing. Just because you have been in the social media for so long does not mean you are the SEO encyclopedia. Social media is like technology; it changes all the time. So what you need is a constant motivation to learn what’s new and re-learn concepts that have proven to work since.

You love to hear yourself talk. Did you know that you drive people away if you consistently talk about your business? It is true that your priority is getting your campaigns to as many audiences as possible. However, you ought not to take pride on your business so much. So what you can do is to talk about your campaign at least 20% of the time, and talk about interesting, engaging, and related content 80% of the time.

Inappropriate profile connection. While people might actually check on your connected profiles, you end up wasting their time when they eventually see the same posts on each one. Second, note that social media sites are best catered to different audiences with various needs and responsiveness. Mobilize your campaigns one profile at a time.

Grammar Errors. Proofread. Do it not because grammar Nazis exists but because it is your duty as a Filipino online entrepreneur to post quality content. Some people get turned off by small spelling errors and it reflects a lot not only on your campaign but also your business. Remember that attention to details is one good quality of an organized business.

Using canned responses. There are auto-generated emails proliferating businesses out there. Some are encouraged by the executives. Do not be one of these executives. Strive to retain the human element by answering questions about your campaign using a conversational yet a business-like tone.

Focusing on numbers. Numbers definitely means something but if you make that the entire point of your media campaign, your chances of being successful is only half of the competitor who focused on who he’s got. Meaning, it is always better to have 100 fans or followers than have a 10,000 who are inactive. Again, focus on engagement.

Unrealistic results. Set your expectations right. Social media campaigns win audiences with time but not all the time. So if you are a started, you might not get noticed right away. But as the word slowly spreads online, people will find their way to you. It’s a natural progression of things that you need to keep in mind when setting your expectations.


The social media has opened a lot of personal and business-level opportunities. While it is made up of competitive channels, you won’t really optimize its value unless you are willing to learn about it. Alongside familiarization, you need to consider the pitfalls that might challenge your goals. With these pitfalls, you will slowly learn how to make social media work on your side.

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