14 Geeky Things You Can Do with Facebook Graph Search in the Philippines


facebook graph search memeFacebook’s latest feature is both creepy and interesting. Other than it gives you more power to stalk more people, it can also wield a lot of detailed information about your target market in the Philippines.

Perks Here, Perks There

If you’re wondering how something that’s causing panic could prove to be useful, then you need to keep this in mind – in both social media and business, information is power. So that you’d appreciate graph search more, here are some of the most fascinating perks that come with it:

  • New-Connection Benefit – when you’re trying to expand your influence in the social-networking site, you’d notice that things slow down after you’ve connected with your family and friends. With Facebook’s new feature, you wouldn’t suffer from that since you’ll be able to search through your connections’ friends lists (all of them at once) and invite those who might want to be part your social-media battalion.
  • Effortless-Learning Bonus – if you’ve tried to learn about your contacts in the past, then you’d know how hard it is to read dozens of profiles. Fortunately, Facebook isn’t a merciless social-media hub. Its new info-finding tool comes with a like-search function, which lets you look for things that your friends (or fans) are interested in. It’s also possible to discover the preferences of those who aren’t connected with you.
  • Advantage of Engagement – since graph search gives you access to all kinds of information, you’d have the chance to make your posts much more engaging. For example, if it turns out that most of your fans like showbiz news, then posting about the hottest stars would attract responses. Bottom line, more netizens would end up checking your page enthusiastically. For some of them, it could even become a habit.
facebook graph search manila

You can give out search commands with FB’s Graph Search.


These Geeky Possibilities – 14 Stuffs You Can Do

Now that you’re aware of the search tool’s perks, it’s time for you to know what you can do with it firsthand. Specifically, you’re going to discover more than a dozen tricks that could transform you from being a clueless entrepreneur into a true master of social-media marketing. Here they are:

  • Getting Friends from Friends – as you’ve found out a while ago, Facebook graph search shines in helping people get new connections from existing ones. So, how exactly do you use it for that purpose? It’s simple – just key in “friends of friends” in the search bar.
  • Tripling the FB Camaraderiesometimes you have to repeat yourself to get the right results. That means that aside from using the friends-of-friends string, you could actually rely on something that could give a much longer list – “friends of friends of friends”
  • Niche, Interest, Connections – if you want to get more contacts and you’re running out of options, then all you have to do type this into the search bar– “people who like” (followed by your niche). After doing that, you’d find netizens who might just interested in what you offer.
  • Thinking of Common Interest – this is similar to the trick above, but it doesn’t involve your niche. Well, you need to key in “people who like” in the search bar, but this time you should follow it other common interests like foreign cuisine or smartphones.
  • Find Interests the Other Way – while you know some things that capture your fans’ interests, you should still learn about their not-so-obvious hobbies. To accomplish that, you only need to type “favorite interests of people who like” and afterwards place your page’s name.
  • Know More about Your Rivalsaside from discovering all sorts of details about your fans, you also have to ponder upon your rivals. If you’d like to find out more about their connections, all you have to do is to key in “people who like” followed by your competitor’s name.   
  • All about a Group Connectionit’s time to think about groups. If you’d want to boost your business’ reach in the fastest way possible, then search for “groups of people who like” (place the topic after that) and join them. Afterwards, share your firm’s page.
  • Reaching Out to Certain Fans – sometimes, your product-promotion strategy might appeal more to the older crowd. So, instead of inviting every fan every time, you could simply reach out to those in the right age group. Type “fans over the age of” and add the magic number.
  • On Investigating the Address – if you’re running a brick-and-mortar shop, then you’d be interested in details about location. In other words, you’d want to know whether you’re getting connections from some areas. To do that key in “fans who live in” and add the place.
  • Getting More from a Location – when you’ve finally made use of that graph-search technique, you might want to add contacts from places where your business is popular. Doing that is easy, since you only have to input “people who live in” and add the right location after it.
  • Collaboration and Promotions – some say that entrepreneurial success requires partnerships. Well, if you want to look for a potential partner (especially in relation to promotions), you could rely on graph search – look for “restaurants that my fans (or friends) have been to”
  • Pondering upon People’s Jobs – there are instances in which finding all kinds of netizens isn’t what you want to do. If you’d like a bit more specificity in your people search, then you only have to key in a particular job and afterwards add “who like” followed by your niche.
  • Focusing on a Certain Gender – if you’re running a business that caters to a certain gender, then you’d be happy to know that you could make your searches much more useful. Instead of using the word “people” in your queries, use either one of these – men or women.
  • Making the Right Combination – this final tip would surely fascinate you. Simply put, if you’d want to find out more about a very specific kind of netizen, then you only need to combine the strings that you’ve learned. “Friends of friends who like tea and jelly” is a good example.


Paul’s Last Words: Find Your Precious Now

Now that you’ve discovered all sorts of things that could be done using Facebook’s info-finding tool, it’s time to make a move. To be a bit more specific, it’s time for you to pump up your brain and your business with the most precious pieces of information in the world of social media.

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