16 Super-Effective Ways of Using Twitter for low-budget Philippine SME’s


meme_yuno_twitter1The Philippine Eagle has ceased to become the national bird. It has been defeated by a bird smaller than the Maya and it comes by the name Twitter. LOL.

Indeed, social media has taken over the nation and the world for that matter. After Facebook, Twitter follows as the most popular and such notoriety comes in handy for the low budget Philippine SME’s.


So, what exactly does this blue bird offer to low budget enterprises?

Getting on Twitter is not just for the sake of keeping up with the trend. For Philippine SME’s, it presents an opportunity to see and be seen among their most important customers. If you are not convinced yet, here is a list of reasons why tweeting can gain you a competitive advantage.


1.)    Tweeting is free.

You do not need a big budget to use Twitter as a marketing tool. In fact, it does not cost a thing to use. And this is absolutely a big but not the only reason why should get on tweeting.

2.)    Tweeting is popular.

To date, there are more than 200 million tweeters. Such a huge number is difficult to ignore. In fact, you’d be crazy to disregard it.

3.)    Twitter moves you closer to your target.

Twitter offers excellent search options. That makes it easier for customers to locate you. With this platform, you have the opportunity to get in touch with your target by the hundreds or even thousands. This presents a great way to monitor your customers and take note of their feedback whether negative or positive. Such will pave the way to improvement.

4.)    It is an avenue to keep your customers up to date with your business. 

Cebu Pacific using Twitter for their gamification strategies.

Cebu Pacific using Twitter for their gamification strategies.

Once you are being followed by a customer, he will automatically see your new tweets about your business. You can tweet about deals, discounts or new releases. If it is compelling enough, your customer may even re-tweet it which can expand your reach further.

5.)    Twitter allows you to spy.

Twitter also allows you to get closer to your competition. This way, you can respond to their tactics in a timely manner so you do not run the risk of losing your customers. It is a great opportunity to further strengthen your competitive edge.

6.)    It can increase sales.

Tweeting can potentially boost your sales. As you build your followers, connect with them in a personal way and keep them updated, there’s a fat chance for conversion.

7.)    It encourages brand loyalty.

More than the possibility of making a sale, Twitter provides the opportunity to encourage brand loyalty. The thing is people do not connect with businesses, they relate with people. As they feel your brand or business is “real” they would find it much easier to trust you and what you have to offer.

8.)    Twitter keeps you updated with industry news.

There are plenty ways to get updated about the latest in the industry or about your particular niche and Twitter is one of them. This way, you become more responsive to change and possibly ride on trends which may be helpful for your business.



16 Effective Ways of Business Tweeting in the Philippines

This blue bird does not tweet without a reason. Tweeting can be nothing more than unwelcomed noise if it is not well thought off. So, how do you exactly differentiate yourself from others who are vying for the same attention? How do you tweet uniquely to get heard? Below are 16 suggestions on how you can create a lovely tune for your customers on Twitter.


  1. Follow the rules.

The Twitter community has its set of rules. It will be wise for you to learn and live it. Follow the examples of other brands. If you must, do not hesitate to ask for help.

  1. Be personable.

As mentioned previously, people do not make connections with things. Rather, it is a person to person connection. When customers engage in a conversation with you, they are not talking to your brand or your product. In their minds, they are taking to a real person. In which case, it is crucial that you are personable. Provide a human factor to your business. And make that personality relatable.

Getting personal in twitter will rock your brand in the Philippines. =)

Getting personal in twitter will rock your brand in the Philippines. =)

  1. Engage in conversations.

While it is true that Twitter is an excellent marketing avenue, you should not be stuck with this thought. Take advantage of the interactive nature of Twitter and engage your followers in a conversation. That will make your brand more real.

  1. Assign an ambassador.

Whether you decide to take the task or designate it to someone else, it is important to be consistent. With a single person handling your Twitter account, tweets are more focused. This paves the way to building relationships.

  1. Make an excellent offer.

People need a reason to follow you so give them one. You have to especially watch out for the influencers or those key people who talk about your company. With an excellent online reputation, these people can help build trust in your brand. Reward them for their efforts to give them more motivation. If possible, get them involved and convert them to brand ambassadors.

  1. Integrate.

If you are blogging and maintain a Facebook page too, it may be a good idea to integrate your messaging. Updates from other channels will automatically post on your Twitter account. Be careful however. Overdoing re-broadcasting can serve to annoy rather than delight your followers. Limit automatically generated posts to avoid sounding like a robot. Be mindful about the human factor.

  1. Be positive.

Nobody likes negativity or sarcasm. If you are to present an image, it must be positive. Keep in mind that followers are attracted to positive tweets. So, do not dwell on negative sentiments. Such will only drive away rather than draw in potential followers.

  1. Do not focus solely on you.

Avoid being self centric which is the tendency of most marketers. Listening to your customers pay off. There is a study classifying Filipino Twitterers into two groups: the informers and meformers. While the informers hare information, the meformers merely talk about themselves. Unless you are a Hollywood celebrity, this will not work.

Filipino Informers get 30 times more followers than meformers. So, share valuable information and respond to other users in a timely manner.

  1. Make your posts re-tweet worthy.

It is not just essential that you share information. Such pieces of information must be deemed re-tweet worthy too. It should be interesting and engaging, something that your followers cannot wait to tell their friends about.

  1. Avoid random tweets.

It is also important that you stay on topic. In real life, Filipinos are more attracted to those who share the same interests. By staying on topic, you establish your interests more clearly. Such will also make it much easier for people to decide whether or not to follow you.

  1. Use a list.

Get organized and use a list. This is a good way for you to track the influencers in your niche or even your competition. With this list, you can track conversations without necessarily following everyone on the list. Lists also prove to be a great source of content that is re-tweet worthy. The bottom line is using lists can boost your influence simply being mindful and informed.

  1. Save your searches.

This is another excellent way to track conversations about certain topics. When creating saved searches, make sure to include the keywords that identify with your business. These searches can be further refined. You can include tweets in questions or those that come with links.

It is not just about creating saved searches however. Put them into good use by taking the time to regularly track them down. Keep the most active users engaged, respond to questions, share links or throw in a question yourself. In other words, participate in conversations.

  1. Build your network through hashtag chats.

Hashtags chats are a great way to grow your network. It is the key to identifying the key influencers and interacting with them. Provided the proper use of hashtag chats, you are likely to attract new followers either through the influencers or by simply staying with the chat longer.

  1. Use a dashboard.

Using a dashboard offers a more convenient viewing option. That’s because it allows you to see multiple tweet streams all at once. This will make monitoring the lists and saved searches easier.

  1. Schedule your tweets but track conversations on a regular basis.

You do not necessarily have to bleed your eyes sitting in front of the computer staring at the screen for hours, tweeting almost 24/7. The most followed users create a schedule and you can benefit from one too. While it is more practical to schedule your tweets, you must not forget the importance of monitoring. As much as possible, be mobile. Regularly check for your @mentions or @reply. This way, you do not miss an opportunity.

  1. Be consistent with your strategy.

Keep sharing quality information, providing valuable links and commenting on conversations. Know the right people to follow. Be relevant. Stay fresh and personable. If you manage to do these things consistently, you can expect a steady growth of Twitter followers.


Paul’s Last Words:

You may not be able to match the great resources of the bigger competitors. But you can play the game guerilla style with Twitter. However, you must also realize that while Twitter presents plenty of excellent opportunities, the competition for attention in this platform is also stiff.

If you implement the right methods however, you can absolutely use it to your advantage. And this is how you can create a stronger competitive edge against your high budget competition.

Check this infographics from Ben Wagner:



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