5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Try Meme Marketing in the Philippines


If you like goofy taglines and silly pictures, you’ll love memes. They are like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, two great tastes that taste even better together. And yes, Filipinos love memes that we even have our own versions like Willie Revillame’s “You don’t do that to me”.

meme marketing philippinesWhat is a meme?

The formal definition of a meme is an idea that spreads from one person to the next within a culture. Although when most people think of memes they think of those ridiculous cat pictures with the absurd captions, in fact a meme can be a video, a hashtag or even a complete website.

Once they catch the people’s fancy, they spread like a virus creating an epidemic, and before you know it, everyone is infected with the meme. Social media is the medium through which memes spread, because it is so easy for a user to spread a meme among their friends, who then share the meme with their friends, until everyone who is not living in a cave has heard of the meme.


5 Simple Reasons For Trying Meme Marketing:

Here are some FACTS why you should use memes in your social media marketing campaigns:

Highly visible, Super-Engaging, Easy to generate.

Highly visible, Super-Engaging, Easy to generate.

  1. They are highly visual. When you see a good meme, it immediately catches your attention. It’s like a good joke: it’s just funny without you having to think about it or having to explain what it means to somebody.
  2. People will voluntarily share them with their friends. Think about the last time people actually recommended an ad to their friends. Now think about how many memes somebody has shared with you simply because it caught their attention and they found it funny. The advantages are obvious; people are actually doing your work for you.
  3. Memes are great ways to attract traffic and likes. All you have to do is put a good meme on your Facebook page and watch it collect the likes. And it is the same with all your other social media accounts: memes get retweeted endlessly and repined on bookmarking sites. Even your blog or website will enjoy traffic boosts with the addition of great memes.
  4. They add value to your marketing. Who doesn’t want to laugh? But memes don’t have to be funny. Sometimes they can make you stop and reflect. Sometimes they can even move you. A meme can generate any type of emotion that you can imagine.
  5. Easy to generate and less costly. Any talented group of content producers could probably create a whole bunch of memes in a day. Of course, nobody can ever predict which meme will go viral, but with so many at your disposal, you’re virtually guaranteed that at least one will hit. And you don’t actually need a meme to go viral for it to be effective.


Not convinced yet? Here are some popular samples of meme marketing.

  1. The dancing baby. Remember this? It was famously used in the series Ally McBeal and even became a widely used screen saver. Evian water took the basic idea and created a popular ad in 2009 featuring babies roller skating that was viewed over 76 million times and generated over two million shares.
  2. Chuck Norris Facts. Of course you’ve heard of them, even if you may not know it. For example, chuck norris memeChuck Norris played Russian Roulette with a loaded gun, and the gun lost. You get the picture. These ‘facts’ were already a popular Internet meme before World of Warcraft decided to memejack them for its popular Hunter ad, which used a ton of Chuck Norris facts to great effect and succeeded to the tune of more than 500,000 shares.
  3. Call Me Maybe. This song is an example of an earworm, an audio meme that works its way into your brain and stays there the entire day. So it shouldn’t be surprising that advertisers took notice and started using the song in their ads. One of the most successful uses of the song came from lifestyle apparel brand Abercrombie and Fitch, which took some buff shirtless male models and had them lip synching and hamming it up to the popular song. The result? One of the most popular ads of 2012. Another popular brand that used the song to even better effect: Sesame Street, which featured Cookie Monster parodying the track. It generated almost 800,000 shares and some ten million views.
  4. The Force. This one is too good not to mention. A little kid dressed as Darth Vader uses the power of the Force to turn on a car – or so he thinks. A sign of how popular it was – it inspired parodies, including one with “Little Thor” to promote the Marvel movie and one done by the environmental group Greenpeace to show the dark side of Volkswagen.


Unleash It’s Potential

Here are some tips on how you can use memes in your marketing campaign to make it more effective for Filipinos.

  1. Know who your target audience is. Meme marketing is fraught with risks, and the most serious of them is that the joke ends up being on you and people laugh at your meme rather than along with it. So you should be in touch with the pulse of your target audience through social networking sites so you’ll know what meme would appeal to them.
  2. Make your meme feel effortless. The best memes have a light feel that makes people feel good. So even if you had a hard time coming up with the meme, it should still feel as if it was something that just came up off the top of someone’s head.
  3. Relate it to your brand. If you memejack an existing meme, make sure you connect it with your company’s niche. In some of the examples given above, there was already an existing viral meme that a brand hijacked to promote itself. But the most successful memejacks were able to adjust the meme to suit the needs of the brand. For example, look at how the Abercrombie and Fitch ad was able to use the cheesiness of Call Me Maybe in a fun way.

    cable meme

Paul’s Last Words:

Meme marketing is one of the hottest trends in Internet marketing these days, and you know how Filipinos love to jump on a trend. They are catchy, easy to understand and can be done on a small budget, but with a high investment of creativity.

And they are highly visual, helping to make them stand out in an increasingly noisy and competitive ad market. So learn to use memes well in your marketing campaign and you’ll easily be ahead of your competitors.

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