6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Google+


Google Plus (Google+) is the social media arm of the most popular search engine, Google. If you don’t know what Google is, there is something seriously wrong with you. Google is now synonymous to the word “search”.

Many Filipino marketers believes that Google+ is a Ghost Town.

Many Filipino marketers believes that Google+ is a Ghost Town.

Google+ was launched mid 2011. On January 2013, Google+ has over 500 million members. Fast forward June 2013 and Google+ is still outpacing Twitter!  As such the former is the undisputed 2nd largest social media network on the internet. Facebook has a huge lead with more than double the members. Take note Facebook took 9 years to get there while Google+ took less than 2 years to get halfway.


Conspiracy Theory in the Philippines

The popular misconception is that Google+ is in 2nd place because Google used every resource it has i.e. Gmail, YouTube, coffee fuelled nerds, etc. in order to weasel its way to 2nd place. It’s like being born to royalty some would say. You get the perks even if you do not deserve it.

That’s a load of bull crap! Those who argue otherwise should remember the ginormous failure that is Google Buzz, the predecessor of Google+. Simply put, Google does not have that kind of juice! Filipino Netizens are smarter (not all of them) and more demanding than that, emphasis on demanding!

The only plausible explanation is that Google+ is a huge success because of its own merit, or at least 90% on its own merit. Even the most rabid of supporters will not argue that Mommy Google (Mommy G) giving Baby Google+ (Baby G) a boost. It’s reality, deal with it!

Here are some benefits you can get in marketing with Google+,


Benefit #1: Frankenstein’s Monster!

Google+ is an amalgamation of some of the best features of the most well known social media platforms. And it carries with it the goodwill and resources of Mommy G. These features were meant to be utilized by individuals to facilitate the exchange of ideas and “circles”. Businesses will do well to familiarize themselves with the same because it can aid them in marketing, advertising, surveying, demographic studies, feedback, etc.

Benefit #2: User About Section

Most social media platforms require the basic personal info. Google+ goes beyond that! Think about it, chances are netizens use Google as a search engine and is signed up to his/her account (auto sign up feature). This allows Google to bottle in all that browsing information onto Google+ This includes basic as well as usage information i.e. browsing history, authorship, interests, hobbies, YouTube videos, wish lists, etc. In other words, a business entity can view the general and filter specific online behaviour of each and every Google+ member. That’s an instant demographic study right there!

Benefit #3: Image Related Info

Most netizens do not know the amount of information as well as reverse tracking possibilities, an image can contain i.e. Exif info. This includes type of computer used, camera used, GPS coordinates, date and time created and modified, etc. These are all information that can be utilized by a business to determine consumer movement. First, Google has arguably the best and widest reverse image tracker. Second, their social media arm also has the option to huge amounts store images, audio, video, etc. Think of the possibilities!

google+ circlesBenefit #4: Capturing the Right Ripples

Google+ designated each member’s social network as a “circle”. These circles generate a ripple effect which connects one individual on the same pond that is Google+ to another circle. The bigger the ripple the bigger the social network and influence of a particular user.

The most successful marketing campaigns analyze the social circles of their target demographic, or at least make an educated guess. This way they can coordinate their campaign. The goal is to get the biggest ripples involved AND get as much non overlapping ripples so as to maximize the information dissemination potential. In other words you want to target online movers and make sure not to overlap your efforts in order to save time and resources BUT still maximize effects.

Benefit #5: Consumer Reviews

Most netizens will type in the company name on the Google search engine. A bad review that is not properly answered in a timely manner will show up in the search results. Remember, most consumers will forgive a couple of bad reviews PROVIDED the issue is resolved in a professional, satisfactory, and timely manner.

The thing is, netizens rant and/or rave about how a company treated them. This is done via the internet, using social media platforms like Google+. By being in the same social platform, a business can interact with the consumer. The business entity can then answer rants and to highlight raves.

Tip: Some companies prefer to identify themselves as a brand ambassador, while some choose to hide behind the persona of a “helpful member”. If done properly, you can convert a negative into a positive. In that, the consumer is ill informed, or at the very least the business entity is concerned and rectified the situation to the satisfaction of the consumer.

Benefit #6: The Landing Page

Businesses are encouraged to create a landing page. Make sure to fill out the required information

SEOMoz's Business Page in Google+

SEOMoz’s Business Page in Google+

accurately and in detail. Now use the information you have learned above in order to connect to the most and to the right users.

Think about it, a properly managed landing page, connected to the right Google+ users can actually aid you in your organic search engine results! This means your company pops out nearer to or at the top of the search result list.


Dark Horse: Google+ Authorship

Simply put, you identify yourself as the progenitor of an original work, hence the brand Google+ Authorship. This can be done by This is done via a link that connects information, images, videos, etc. with a specific Google+ profile, and then adding the appropriate by-line.  There is much debate about its effectivity. But, for the meantime you should pay attention to the same.


In Closing

There is sufficient basis to state that a business with a Google+ account and/or landing page that is properly linked with the Google network of affiliates, business partners, related interests, etc. can rank higher in search engine results. This is also a way to increase one’s relevance and goodwill as a brand! It’s Google for crying out loud! And this time they’re playing for keeps!


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