8 Tips in Getting 100,000 Facebook Fans =)

It might take some time for you to get 100,000 fans on Facebook but it is possible if you exercise patience and make the right moves. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  1. Run a contest or some other type of promotion. You don’t have to give away valuable prizes to get people to click on like. It can be something as simple as a gift card or a DVD that is attractive to the demographic you’re trying to target. In order for them to join the contest, of course, they will have to click ‘like’ in order to get access to the fan page. You can also use the contest to promote your fan page by getting contestants to share your fan page on their walls or writing about it on their blogs.


  1. Don’t let non-fans view certain content. By doing this, you can encourage people to click on the ‘like’ button and become fans. Otherwise, if you allow them to view everything on the fan page, there would be no incentive for them to click on ‘like’.


  1. Regularly update your fan page with fresh content. This will give new fans a reason to click on the ‘like’ button. Of course, it is also important that you don’t just post for the sake of posting but make it useful and interesting for your fans. You should also consider including a variety of content on your fan page, including videos and images.


  1. Interact with your fans. The people who have clicked ‘like’ on your fan page are obviously interested in what you have to offer, so start a conversation with them about a topic in your niche. This would also encourage others to click on ‘like’ so they can participate in the conversation.


  1. Integrate your Facebook fan page with the other social media sites that you’re active on. For example, you can announce updates to your

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    fan page through your tweets in order to encourage more people to click on like.


  1. Promote your Facebook page offline as well. For example, if you give out business cards, you can include the URL of your fan page and ask for ‘likes’. This will also help ensure that you get targeted traffic to your fan page and not just anybody who clicks ‘like’ for the sake of it.


  1. Become a fan of other pages. Look for fan pages that are in your particular niches and write on their walls. Just make sure that it doesn’t look like you’re poaching fans from their pages but sharing updates that are of interest to the fan niche. If your posts are interesting enough, the owners of the pages may even opt to become your fans as well.


  1. Create links to your Facebook fan page from your blog or website. This allows people who follow your blog posts to be aware that you have a fan page so that they can click on ‘like’ if they are interested in becoming a fan.


9. Share breaking news. If you have a breaking news or a trendsetter topic regarding your niche, you can post a story to make it viral for both local and international netizens. Works well if you can post videos and pictures.


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