9 Stunning Methods of Customizing Your Facebook Business Page


Facebook has more than 1 BILLION unique zombies visitors/each day. Most of these are consumers who come from all walks of life, from different countries, and have various interests. As such Facebook is uniquely situated to provide you and/or your brand with global exposure and consumer relevance.

In order to increase the likelihood of getting the attention of the local Facebook swarm, you need to have a strong online business presence here in the Philippines.

Creative Facebook Business Page

Four years ago, if you asked marketing professionals if Facebook is relevant to their profession, 24% would have said yes. Last it was checked (fourth quarter of 2012) the same question resulted in 42% yeses. This represents a 75% increase. As such the same professionals have made it their quest to optimize a Facebook landing/business page for consumers.

facebook b2b

What is a Facebook Business Page?

This is a Facebook page that is specially tailored for business entities. There are added functionalities that are built into it. Best of all, it is still for free. Facebook even provides you with a step by step guide in building one. To clarify, building the page is free, but making one that is suitable for your needs may cost you. This is in terms of design, content, maintenance, etc.


Higher Conversion Rate

Social media marketing, especially Facebook marketing is getting a lot more attention in the Philippines because the conversion rate is on the rise. In other words, more and more consumers are finding out that Facebook is not just to connect with friends, or a place for online games. It is also a place where business entities and actual consumers and other business entities interact.


Why Google Search, When You Can Facebook Search

A survey was conducted by HubSpot last 2012. The results showed that at least 80% of consumers in the United States who used social media preferred to look up a brand on Facebook. This is because they do not only get information but also interact with the brand representatives and actual consumers.


Views to Share Ratio

Based on BuzzFeed, the ratio of views to shares is around 9:1. This means for every 9 users who view your Facebook business page, at least 1 will share the same.  To clarify, this only refers to shares, not actual purchases or conversions. That would depend on how well you targeted your demographics and how convincing your business page is!


facebook page memeCustomizing your Facebook Business Page

First things first, you need to fill out your profile. Then regularly update the same, preferably on special occasions i.e. sale, and on regular intervals. Also, do not forget that any changes on your business must reflect the same. The last thing you want is a consumer who gets fed up checking your Facebook page and finding obsolete information and ads.

  1. Vanity URL

“Vanity” is really an inaccurate description of the same. This is because it refers to you claiming and/or requesting a more accurate URL. One that specifically mentions your brand or anything it recalls. For example, if your business is named phoenix jade then, if you are lucky you can claim the URL www.facebook.com/phoenixjade. This way the user can just manually type in the URL should he/she wishes and get instantly directed to you.

  1. Custom Welcome Page

Facebook now allows you fully customize your welcome page. However, avoid the tendency to go overboard. Remember the Google philosophy of less clutter, more meaning!

  1. Cover Image

Instead of a small 2 x 2 pic you can now utilize most of the upper portion of your home page. Use this to enhance the overall look of your page. Don’t make it look like a sore thumb. You can even use the same for updates and important news.

  1. App Up!

Utilize applications to spice things up or provide information. The most popular examples are; games, newsletters, RSS feeds, etc. Mix things up a bit and maintain core apps while at the same having a featured app.

  1. Prizes!

Be very careful with this. Facebook has very strict guidelines regarding prizes. But as long as you know what you are doing, it should be okay. Take advantage of the huge turnout to get statistical data, surveys, testimonials, etc. The prize does not need to be expensive. But it has to be desirable and preferably limited.

  1. Create and Customize Tabs

More often than not you have different points you want to make and various tidbits of information. Don’t clutter it all on your front page. Create tabs and then customize the same for a more intuitive browsing experience. Remember, site visitors are tired of sliding down. It’s easier to just click a tab!

  1. Go Mobilefacebook page mobile

An increasing percentage of members use mobile devices to access their Facebook account. Make sure your business page is configured/optimized for different screen sizes. The images must be scalable or can be removed when necessary.

  1. Link to Other Channels

Some businesses have existing videos on different social media sites. What they do is upload only the best and provide a customized tab within which there are links for additional videos. This way the page is not cluttered and slowed down.

  1. Target Posting

Facebook allows one to customize the way posts are made and viewed by subscribers/fans. For example you have an offer for free shipping within certain locations.  Customize your post so only those who are covered by the deal get’s the update.  This avoids users getting tired of viewing ads that do not apply to them.


Paul’s Last Words:

Customizing your Facebook business page is a work in progress.  This does not mean you need a dedicated staff member to be on watch 24/7. All you have to do is make the appropriate adjustments, updates, posts, etc., on a regular basis. And have someone check in a couple of times a day for a few minutes to answer consumer/visitor queries. Always be creative and innovative in customizing your Facebook Business Page! =)

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