9 Ways to be an Epic Social Media Marketer in the Philippines


Filipinos are crazy over social networking! Apart from television, it seems as though the internet is one of our guilty pleasures with the average Filipino spending hours in front of the computer each day. With this situation in mind, you really can’t blame business owners as they start to invest on what seems to be a powerful marketing tool – social media.

social marketing memeBenefits of Being a Social Media Marketer

A recent count reveals there are 30 Million Filipino Facebook users and about 9.5 Million Twitter account holder in the Philippines. The sheer number of Filipino social media users is not the only reason why businesses are turning to this marketing technique. Aside from the ready market, here are the other benefits of this method:

  • Less but More – when was the last time you spent something on social media marketing? You probably can’t remember because social media demands zero financial capital. You might need to glue yourself to the computer every few hours each day, but that’s about it. The use of basic accounts like Twitter requires nothing financially.
  • Customer Service – back in the old days, having a problem with a company means sending them a formal letter or calling them through the phone. Nowadays, a simple Tweet lets customers communicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction to the business. This gives you the chance to address the problem literally within a few minutes. This should also make it easier for you to promote branding.


Turning yourself into an Epic Social Media Marketer

Social Media Marketers are AWESOME. But turning into an “epic” anything takes hard work – especially when it comes to social media marketing. You’re going to spend hours each day on the computer, possibly missing out on a few meals along the way – but it would be worth it. That being said, here are some of the peaks you need to reach to attain epic-ness.

1-   Catch them All – be a Pokemon Master and sign up for all possible social media accounts. Facebook, social networkingTwitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogspot and WordPress are great starting points for conquering the Filipino social media market. Make sure that these accounts are integrated and they all have the same username related to your brand/company.

2-   Hibernate Less – polish up the charm and start showing up for meet ups, networks and conferences. Remember: it’s not just about what you know but also who you know. Be friendly with these people and you’ll manage to forge connections and create social media “friends” that would lead you to more prospects.

3-   Do Not Overpitch – studies show that the best way to sell to this generation is by telling them what your product can do, its benefits for them, how much it would cost and how to buy it. That’s it – no need to pitch over and over again like an old car salesman. Instead, your goal is to cultivate relationships – and that means giving back to the community. Follow back, retweet, share and reblog – by becoming part of the community, you will be much more appreciated.

4-   Feel the Pulse – always be updated about whatever’s happening in the social media situation. This isn’t just about being informed about the latest tools and gadget. No, your goal is to find out what the community is talking about and somehow insert yourself into the mix. For example, you are a seller of fashionable clothes and the trending tag is Throwback Thursday. Jump in the fray by posting interesting images of a celebrity’s fashion choice in the year 1998 and 2013.

5-   Engage your Followers – start your own games, build a social group, encourage retweets of your original posts and ask questions. The goal is for your followers to feel comfortable when talking to you directly. Don’t forget to always put in those smiling icons – it provides a more persona spin to things.

6-   Know what they Say – the social media is also an excellent place to hear the echo of client opinion. In here, you’d be able to find out what the people are saying – and how they relate to your business. Pay very close attention to this, keeping in mind that you do not have direct access to all information pertaining to your company. There are times when people will post something and it’s up to you to find them using different search functions. Gather this information and make good use of it.

7-   Determine your Personality – to be an epic social media marketer, you need to stop selling yourself as an inhuman entity. Refer to yourself using adjectives like “we”, “us”, “I” and “me”. It’s important that you manage to create a balance between the professional and the personal. If this sounds vague, think about this: what kind of information are you comfortable sharing to your followers, your associates and to your cousin? If all the information checks out for them all, then it’s OK to post them online. Remember – everything you put out becomes permanent so think it through.

8-   Be Eye Catching – one thing you’ll notice about social media is that it’s always short and straight to the point. Twitter only allows you 140 characters while Facebook also sets a post limit. Hence, make sure that none of your updates are scattered. Make them short yet engaging. You might also want to post more images/videos since these are the ones that really sell. Also, don’t be afraid to recycle yoPerfect-Social-Media-Marketerur content. Turn it into a video, a GIF, an info graph, a bull blown article or whatever – but always keep it fresh.

9-   Be Prepared – the most important trait of an EPIC social media marketer is PATIENCE. You won’t get 100 followers on your first day and it’s unlikely that your posts would get enough shares and likes after a month of working. Note that social media sites like Twitter enforce limits on the following so you need to make good use of each day as it comes. Have a schedule, set a goal, follow through and be prepared for a little frustration.


Paul’s Last Words:

Social media is all about one person communicating to hundreds – so ditch the formality. Your goal is to personalize the company, make it more approachable and turn yourself into a recognizable name in the community. Even better – social media lets you put a face on the company. You manage to turn yourself into the reliable friendly company rather than the big bad giant corporation. More than anything, social media marketing is about branding – the increase in sales is just an added bonus.

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