Birth of Viral Videos: A Five-Stage Story

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock, you have probably stumbled upon dozens of viral videos.

Create a video that strongly appeals to the emotions

Create a video that strongly appeals to the emotions

Well, since you’re doing business online, you shouldn’t just enjoy such clips. Indeed, it should be among your priorities to learn more about them.

The Five Stages of Virals

  • Unparalleled Excitement – there are clips online that are boring to watch. Alternatively, there are those that are more than capable of sending any person into a rollercoaster of emotions. The latter are essentially seeds of viral videos. In relation to this, I should highlight an important fact: the specific genre doesn’t matter as long as the video appeals strongly to the feelings of viewers.
  • The Truth about Sharing – I was surprised when I first found out that a person’s desire to share is emotionally determined. When the mind enters a highly-aroused state, sharing information suddenly becomes a high-priority activity. While I understand that such a claim seems unbelievable, I should tell you that researchers at the University of Pennsylvania have confirmed it scientifically.
  • On the Bonding Scenario – at this point of a viral video’s lifecycle, many other people would have already realized that such an engaging clip exists. In this sense, bonding opportunities could already emerge. Some say that clips that could heighten a person’s emotions are almost automatically shared because of the human need to let others understand.
  • The Exponential Growth – Now that the clip has already enchanted a group of people, it is only appropriate to expect that even more individuals would soon have access to the video. Let me explain it in an MLM-like manner: if the first person who viewed the video has at least three friends and each of them has three peers as well, then the video would have reached ten netizens in no time.
  • Spreading through Blogs – once a sizable chunk of the online populace have shared links to the video through email and social media, it would be safe to say that the clip has become viral. I should tell you though, that there is another stage in its evolution. Given that countless people are talking about the video and it is becoming a hot search item, bloggers would begin to come up articles about it.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs

  • Key to Viral Success – after thinking about how viral videos emerge, I realized that just about every online entrepreneur has a chance to come up with their own globally-famous clips. It would only be a must to create a video that strongly appeals to the emotions. I should emphasize though, that the overall theme of the clip should still suit the company’s image.
  • Triumph in Blogging – aside from attempting to come up with videos of your own, it would also be a must to consider the benefits of blogging about the hottest viral videos. Even if the article that you’d publish merely contains your thoughts and a link to the clip, rest assured that your website would experience a boost in traffic since the video’s title has already become a hot keyword.

I’ve viewed many frequently-shared videos in the past few years and I think that I’ve got a proper grasp of how anonymous uploads become social sensations. Nonetheless, I admit that they still intrigue me in many ways.

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