[EVOLVED] 2013 Social Media Marketing Trends in the Philippines


social media trends philippinesThe Philippines is big when it comes to social media. Even dogs and babies today have their own Facebook account – courtesy of their ever loving parents/owners.

Hence, it isn’t really surprising that numerous businesses today are leaning towards the internet to boost their brand and sales. Specifically, Filipino businesses today are turning to social media to make their mark in the industry. The potential for this medium is fast growing that my students receives many emails per month regarding social media marketing.


Why Social Media?

The Philippines is a very internet-intensive market. There are internet cafes all over the country, free wireless connection in different establishments and practically every Filipino (Mapa-elitista or Jejemon) has a smart phone, a laptop or access to a computer. Is it really surprising that the social media is being used today for brand leveraging?

According to recent statistics, there are 34 million internet users in the country. The total view rate of their Facebook pages in one month reaches a whopping 15 billion. Considering how much Pinoy’s love Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest as well, the social media market is more than ready to be used for marketing purposes.

The presence of people within the social media sphere also paves the way for other marketing opportunities that helps leverage the brand:


  • Gathering information about the market. Businesses can find out what the people are saying about them and perform the necessary tasks. If there are some worries then damage control can be done and if praises, they can be easily encouraged.


  • Boost search engine ranking. Google recently updated their SEO ranking system by adding in social media to the factors. With better traffic in your account, there’s a better chance to hit the top pages for searches.


  • Helps reduce the cost of expenses for marketing. When was the last time you had to pay to open a social media account? Even paid Facebook advertising only eats up a small amount of marketing expenses.

social 2013

New, Remarkable Social Media Trends this 2013

The year 2013 rolls in new social media trends that internet marketers should definitely know about and make good use of. Here are some of the changes that have been developed by famous networks.


  • Hashtag – The hashtag isn’t exactly new, at least not for Twitter users. For Facebook users however, this is a new system that they can start exploring. The hashtag system is fairly simple – you place the symbol in a keyword and make it searchable. This allows businesses to create targeted hashtags that divert directly to their Facebook page. Or perhaps they can use general or popular hashtags and come out during searches. Even the Twitter-popularize #ThrowbackThursday is becoming a hit in Facebook thanks to this new trend.


  • Twitter for Business – who hasn’t heard of Twitter? Although some Filipinos may not have a Twitter account, that doesn’t mean they’re not exposed to this social media through 1st or 2nd degree friends. This makes the new marketing trend by Twitter more promising than originally believed. The micro blog has released the Twitter for Business platform, an account that helps maximize the impact of existing businesses in the social media. It contains different tools and tips to help businesses navigate for better marketing.


  • Tagging in LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people who have the same interests as you do. They’ve managed to roll in changes starting with the Tagging feature. It’s basically like Facebook wherein you get to tag people within your list when updating a post. This sends them a notification, therefore allowing you to eventually connect interests.

linkedin tagging philippines

  • YouTube’s One Channel – YouTube is also putting something new to the table with their One Channel feature. Online markets can make good use of the clean and wide layout that can be edited on their page. At the same time, they have the opportunity to put up a “Feature” video to hook Filipinos as soon as they come in. Even better, their new feature is responsive, allowing browsers to see it even when using different devices from tablets, laptops and mobiles. With mobile search being one of the growing aspects of marketing today, this is definitely a plus!

youtube one channel philippines

  • Google+ Local – who could forget Facebook’s competition when it comes to the social media? Google+ is fast becoming a favourite hangout for many people today along with Facebook. Recently, Google has rolled out new features for their Google Places of Business. This new trend makes it easier for local concerns to enter their address information and be found by local searches. With millions of people constantly using their smart phones to make local searches, it’s only crucial for companies in the Philippines to adapt to this trend ASAP!

google+ local philippines

  • Pinterest for Business – it seems as though many social media websites are gearing up to make them more business-friendly. The popular pinboard-type website has recently upgraded their services, adding in analytics for companies. With this, you can easily obtain a summary of pinned and repinned images, the extent of influence and many more.


  • Twitter Location Trends – it seems as though Twitter is rolling in more changes than Facebook, making it one of the fastest growing social media sites today. Aside from the Twitter for Business system, they’ve also make it easier for local companies to find and be found through searches. The micro blogging website has added more than 160 locations for narrower searches. If you want to find out how your brand is doing in say – Portugal, then Twitter Location can help you.


  • Ad Management in Facebook – Facebook’s old Ads Management has been updated, creating better functions to help businesses with their marketing efforts. Basically, the management has been tweaked to offer clearer images regarding Ad reach and plotting of advertisement goals. Facebook hopes that this new Ad Managements system will make it easier for clients to calculate their ROI.


Paul’s Last Words:

Social media channels are changing everyday in order to keep the people and businesses HUGELY interested in the service. As online marketers, it’s your goal to stay up to date with these many changes in order to beat the competition. Remember: the first one to innovate in your niche market usually wins!

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