How to Get More Filipinos to “Like” You in Facebook

The phenomenon of the Facebook “Like” as seen in the marketing site is this: businesses get to know who and how many are patrons and how many are potential customers. It is no longer a new site for me to see how many of my friends have liked a certain retailer. So if you are new to the business and are capitalizing on Facebook to persuade users and try what you have to offer, I have these strategies for you:

Reputation precedes preference. Consumers do not show a tendency to like a retailer for the following reasons:

  • They are simply not interested
  • They do not use the products or avail of the services you offer
  • They may have used or availed of your products or services before but they were dissatisfied

The first two reasons still stand a chance of turning into a Like once they discover your products and services. The third one needs some work. In this regard, it is important that as a retailer, you ensure adequate support to your customers. Here are some guide questions:

  • How are feedbacks handled?
  • Do you acknowledge negative feedbacks at all?
  • How is your employee-customer relationship faring?
  • What areas do you need to improve in your business?

Remember that a negative experience turns customers and their friends away. With the power of social networking, you are not far from being talked about if you have a questionable reputation.

Creative advertising. An icon showing your business name and a beautiful model does not do the trick. The Filipino consumer has not learned to be critical. I do not like something based on who the model is. I like a retailer because I am pleased with the products and services I have availed of. One way to show people my satisfaction is by liking a retailer. So it goes back on the notion that people has on your business. You will see that a good number of returning customers have the highest tendency to Like your page.

Offer promotions. The world of consumers is summed by one word: free. So what treat are you cooking? When does it launch? What are the terms? How do you plan to present it to the consumers out there? See, if people end up liking your product, they’ll return the favor by showing how they like it when they see you in Facebook. It sound repetitive but they will Like you for it.

Do not overdo it. I get annoyed if I continuously see a retailer in my Facebook page every time I log in. Sometimes, I even end up not looking at it at all. Moderation is the key towards persuasive Liking. If you have been gone for some time and suddenly re-surface, people who like your business will remember you and will Like you. So moderate your presence and have people Like your page without feeling saturated.

There are more tips I would like to share but those would have to come for later. For now, I’m giving you the important ones.

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