How to Use Social Bookmarking Sites to Your Advantage

How should social bookmarking sites be used to boost an online business?

Of course, if you are just beginning to explore the various facets of web-based entrepreneurship, you might confused about the relevance of such a query. Indeed, it is only normal to associate the terms “news and fun” instead of “moneymaking endeavors” with websites such as Digg and Delicious. It should be pointed out however, that there is a simple rule in all web-based endeavors that never changed throughout the years: you should never miss any kind of opportunity.


One of the most important opportunities online is the chance to effortlessly build backlinks from reputable websites without spending money. It is for this very reason that I always advice my clients to simply bookmark the pages of their own website using Digg and Delicious, as well as any other bookmarking site that caught their fancy. While you might find it surprising, search engines do consider most social bookmarking hubs as truly reputable, a fact that is made even more evident due to the increased significance of social signals nowadays. Simply put, bookmarks are synonymous with convenient online marketing.


Aside from grabbing the chance to get free quality backlinks, you should also take advantage of the opportunity to pique people’s interests. Once again, social bookmarking websites make it possible to effortlessly accomplish such a feat. As I’ve pointed out above, “news and fun” are words that are often used to describe websites similar to Digg, such as Reddit and Slashdot. Due to this, just by bookmarking a few pages on your own site, you actually increase the likelihood that that the content that you prepared would be read by netizens. In this sense, be sure to bookmark attention-grabbing articles.


I should also emphasize an often-overlooked fact about social bookmarking: it involves the need for top-notch keyword optimization. With this in mind, you might already have an idea as to what the third opportunity is: an opening for improvement. Streamlining the use of keywords on your website is a must in order to fully benefit from the marketing potential of social bookmarking websites. As you probably know, accomplishing such a task would not only be of importance in terms of garnering “bookmark backlinks”. Any improvement in relation to keyword optimization would also yield benefits in a site’s search engine visibility.

Reddit – A popular social bookmarking site which can change the tide of your online campaign.

Tapping into the “marketing power” of social bookmarking websites is definitely easy. After all, you only have to bookmark pages on your website to enjoy cost-free quality backlinks. In a similar sense, carrying out such a simple endeavor allows you to reach an even greater audience without exerting much effort. Of course, you may also consider the results of your bookmarking pursuits as a “measuring stick” of your website’s level of optimization. All in all, social bookmarking sites are certainly gold mines of opportunities, and you as a budding entrepreneur should never hesitate to take advantage.

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