Killer Cover Photo Ideas for Your Facebook Page

I remember when Facebook first came out with Timeline – everyone hated it and tried their best to delay the conversion of their profiles. Right now however, there’s no question that Timeline paved the way for more efficiency in the social media site. Of course, don’t forget about the cover photo, which is a great way to feature a page considering how it occupies a large part of your wall.

For businesses though, cover photos do more than just an outlet for creativity. In fact, cover photos are like banners that you can customize as a way to pump up the market’s reaction. Here are some of the most creative Facebook cover photo ideas I’ve seen and heard so far.

Cover Photo and Profile Picture Integration

This is probably one of the best styles I’ve seen today although a lot of people are already doing it. Think of it as a continuous design with the profile picture actually filling in a gap made in the cover photo. It’s really good and when the account get’s opened, you’ll be treated to a Facebook cover photo composite.

Go For Humor

Laughter is always a good approach and will definitely be an attention-grabber. Some of the best spoofs include using comical images or perhaps some internet memes today. There are even those who tried integrating popular works of art to get that timeless cover photo look.

Stay Simple with a Saying

Some of the most compelling cover photos I’ve seen aren’t really that extensively designed but more on the minimalist approach. Try creating a blank page and simply putting the company motto in the middle. You can use depth, shape, sizes and different fonts in order to style the text into something memorable.

Go Seasonal

I love how businesses don’t just retain one boring old cover photo for their Facebook wall. See, it’s also possible to keep the company recognizable but change the cover photo each time to reflect seasonal shifts in the company. For example, you could use a different Cover Photo for valentines, Christmas or even just on a monthly basis to keep the page fresh.

I find Facebook cover photos to be an excellent avenue for business marketing. You could try using any of the approaches mentioned above or you could stretch it out a little bit and get something completely different. No matter what’s the decision though, every successful marketing-centered cover photo should have the following elements:

  • Uniqueness
  • Uniformity
  • Clear
  • Exact Size

coz no one likes a copycat

Don’t forget that this can be an excellent opportunity for brand building so don’t waste the time. Your Facebook cover photo can be an excellent signature, allowing any visitors to recognize your colors, logo and design the minute they see it.

Basically though, killer cover photos for a Facebook page really depends on the person. The good news is that there are lots of websites today that provide Cover Photo generation so getting creative is not that hard. For businesses with marketing in mind though, a bit more attention should be given during the deliberation process.




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