Lead your Filipino Fans into the Promised Land with Hootsuite


HOOTSUITE memeHoot … hoot! Filipino guys certainly hoot at Filipinas with curvy figures. And gals, you technically do not make that hoot sound, but when you squirm like worms in excitement every time you see your Adonis in all his well-sculpted glory … that is, indeed, a hoot!

What you didn’t know is that those curves and muscles are hooting as if to shout “Come follow me!” Now that practically everyone has migrated their hooting to social media, there’s this real cool application where you can follow your followers and be updated about the latest talk in town, especially those that matter to you. It’s rightfully called Hootsuite.


About Hootsuite in the Philippines

If your trade makes it a “must” to have a big following of fans, supporters, or network, or if you enjoy some sort of popularity among your circle of friends for something special you can do very well, Hootsuite is definitely designed for you. Likewise, if your firm has something great to offer like products, services, and marketing promotions, Hootsuite is heaven-sent for your needs. In fact, Hootsuite is the coolest thing in Philippines social media, but it’s a hot property for you and organizations where social media presence is a “must”. Everyone’s going gaga about Hootsuite because it automates management of all your social media accounts. Just imagine how much time you can save and how productive you or your PR team can be with the Hootsuite social media manager!


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What a Social Media Management Application Does for You

In the digital age, if your profile is visible only in Facebook or Twitter, you may well be branded as a recluse. Sure everyone is on Facebook or Twitter, but everyone’s going to

hootsuite stats

Check out Hootsuite stats in this infographic

miss you on Instagram, Foursquare, Google+, LinkedIn, Mixi, and WordPress. You have to realize that social media presents you more mileage to reach your fans and/or target clients in the Philippines. Hootsuite boosts the benefits of your online presence by offering the luxury of time. With time on your hands, the PR staff can devote more of their productive time strategizing for promotional concepts, materials, and marketing ideas. Hootsuite brings you and/or your company up into the heights of social omnipotence.

If you are subscribed to Hootsuite, your post on one social media network is automatically updated to up to four more profiles absolutely free. For as low as less than 10 bucks per month (That’s around P420 in PHP), a Hootsuite Pro account updates up to a total of 50 social profiles for two users. With Hootsuite Enterprise, you can manage unlimited social profiles automatically. Plan Enterprise can accommodate up to five users.

Hootsuite allows you to manage your media profiles in one neat and compact dashboard. Other than automated posts from one profile to others, you can create your posts in advance and schedule exactly when to feed them into your social profiles. You receive analytic reports, use unlimited tools and apps provided in the dashboard, and send out at least 2 RSS/Atom feeds depending on your subscription.



Benefits of Analytics Report to Subscribers

Public figures and promotional campaigns benefit much from the ease and comfort of monitoring Facebook activity of your fans and followers. You do not have to read each comment and check out the number of likes for your posts. Hootsuite digests all such activity in your profile and reports it to you based on your preference. For example, you can customize what Hootsuite reports to you using the dashboard in terms of such parameters as demographics, their region of origin, their native language, as well as the source of their posts.

What do you exactly benefit from the customized report preference? Suppose you are a pop singer, you may be interested in filtering the insights in each of your posts by age. Which age group(s) is/are your most engaged users? What does a particular age group talk about you? How viral is your new music video? You want to know all these things because it matters to you if your fans like your hairdo, your wardrobe, your new show, or how they are looking forward to your upcoming concert.

Likewise, it matters to you which songs in your album are not very well-liked and the reasons. You want to know if they like your singing style, your choice of songs or your stand on an issue of general interest. Sure you can not please everybody. The summarized insights from fan activity in your profile or fan page can serve as inspirations for you to carry on something your followers like about you and improve on those which are not well-accepted, if possible. Analytic reports will also allow you to visualize trends over time.

The same thing goes for other public figures and firms offering products or services. The road to the Promised Land sure may be bumpy. But forewarned is always the best way to hit the road forearmed. If consumers are vocal about a flaw in your product during the introductory stage, they will not all call or write your firm’s consumer service and inform you about it. Similarly, for public figures, if your position or reaction on a crucial issue is not popular among your followers or detractors, they will neither call nor write your office. But in all probability, they will be very vocal about it in Facebook, Twitter or the other social media. That’s your best chance to improve on your product or explain your stand to your followers.

Hootsuite is all about automation. :)

Hootsuite is all about automation. 🙂



The Transcendence of Social Media on Hootsuite

The buzz on social media may not have the vaunted statistical power and randomness of a formal survey. Come to think of it however, not even a formal survey can go global because of economic considerations. On the other hand, social media is global and it can reach your next-door neighbor to as far as the remotest spot on earth with Internet connectivity, probably Timbuktu in Africa.

Why go random if randomness means the survey may land on people who are not even interested in you as a public figure or in your product? On the contrary, followers on social media are interested and engaged users. They most likely know what they are talking about and are offering their insights voluntarily sans the pressure of a formal survey.


Paul’s Last Words: On the Way to the Promised Land

More than just a summary of the likes and comments on social media, Hootsuite presents the pulse of your fans or followers. Hootsuite helps you reach deeper into the core of your fans’ sentiments to apprise you whether they are with you all the way or may falter along the road to the Promised Land. It is not just an automated social media manager. Hootsuite delivers you the heartbeat of your fans. When real sentiments are at hand, virtual engagements in Hootsuite may well be the new standard of fan power in the tradition of the legendary Vilma Santos-Nora Aunor fandom craze that weathered generations.





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