More ways to get the Filipino’s attention in Twitter

If you are going to ask me, there is no doubt about the existence of Twitter-mania in the Philippines. Our fellow Filipinos are constantly making wave when it comes to making topics trending on a daily basis – both in the Philippines and in the whole world. But the question here is how can a Philippine company catch the Filipino’s attention in Twitter?

No doubt, Twitter is among the best known websites for social networking at present. Truth be told, I think that its popularity is really far reaching to the point that it is well known all over the world. Because of this reason, I must say that Filipino entrepreneurs should not discount the fact that Twitter can truly help in finding your target market for your business. In order to catch the Filipino’s attention in Twitter and channel it into your business, you will need to create an account. But what you should do from this point onwards? Here’s what I think:

  • Your username should be easy to identify for the sake of your potential follower and for the sake of the search engines. Because Twitter has a constant following, it has been included in the websites that is constantly being indexed by many search engines. In order to successfully drive some traffic from Twitter, you should make sure that your username will not only be easy to identify. It should also succeed in catching the public’s attention.
  • Twitter includes a box for your business’s biography. For search engine optimization purposes, it is important to make the most out of it. It is a concise description of your business that is not more than 40 characters long. You should not forget to incorporate your business name in it. It shall serve as your keyword.
  • Make sure to integrate your business website to your Twitter account. This way, you can be sure that you do not only catch the target audience attention, you also lead them to action. This way, they know how to do business with you.
  • Here’s a life hack: Search engines index the first two words of your tweets. Therefore, it would be wise if you use only the words that will work to your advantage. This way, you might be able to rank higher in the search engines.
  • Limit your tweets up to 120 characters only. This way, it will be much easier for your followers to RT (retweet) your post. Making a tweet longer than 120 characters is not only discouraging or boring for your followers. It can also be not friendly for RT’ing.
  • Make sure to include your desired keywords in any of your tweets. This way, you might possibly get not just the Filipino’s attention. I bet that there is a chance for search engines to see this kind of effort which might lead to your higher ranking in the search engine results and rankings.

The power of the social media is unbelievable. I believe that any online Filipino entrepreneur should do everything he can to maximize this free resource and business tool.

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