No-Budget Media Attention: a Guide for Filipino Entrepreneurs

As to be expected, all sorts of knowledge-seeking entrepreneurs often ask me one particular question: is there a way to earn media attention without spending much money?

Being able to draw the press’ attention is among the quickest ways of attracting new clients.

Being able to draw the press’ attention is among the quickest ways of attracting new clients.

Indeed, being able to draw the press’ attention is among the quickest ways of attracting new clients. However, many believe that only the largest of corporations have the financial prowess to take advantage of such a sales booster. In truth, there are four top-notch methods of garnering media attention without the need for a vast marketing budget.

Consider the Need to Help

        I believe that one of the most reliable ways to pique reporters’ interests is to simply help people out. Let me be clear though, there is probably no merit in providing random assistance. Essentially, I’d only choose to act upon incidents that are directly related to what my company offers. For example, if my firm mainly sells budget-oriented computers, then donating a few units to a school that lost equipment due to a flood would increase the chances that my business would be mentioned in reports.

About the Power of Insight

        When attempting to earn media attention while avoiding the budget requirements often associated with such an endeavor, I’d probably exert effort to offer insights on various matters. Once again, it would be necessary to provide an example: if the public’s attention has been drawn towards a hacking incident, I’d probably publish discussions about computer security on my business blog. As a result, media people who would stumble upon the blog would probably consider interviewing me, believing that I’m a true expert in the matter.

The Pros of Press Releases

        Press releases are classically viewed as a way to minimize the damage brought forth by a company disaster. In modern times though, such a term is synonymous with cost-free and convenient opportunities. Specifically, if I were running a firm, I’d surely spend time to inform netizens about business partnerships and even limited-time bargain offers through websites that allow for free press release distribution such as PRLog and PRWeb. Soon enough, reporters would notice such updates and take note of the information.

Advantage of Social Media

        Decades ago, being able to “connect” with national publications and news agencies requires face-to-face meetings that are only made possible through personal connections. Today however, establishing a link with such organizations is as easy as spending time online. Indeed, by following the updates of journalists on social media websites and getting involved in the discussions started by such reporters, identifying interview opportunities should become an effortless activity. After all, media people highly value a person’s enthusiasm to collaborate.

Towards Business Success 

        As I’ve made clear, there are actually four ways to earn media attention without spending money on television or radio advertising spots. To reiterate, helping out individuals who might benefit from the company’s offerings would grab the press’ attention. Moreover, maintaining a blog with responses to the latest events has the same effect as well. Of course, making use of both press release and social networking sites is a sure way of piquing reporters’ interests. All in all, it is undeniable that even SMEs could successfully garner media attention.

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