Playing with Digg :D

Right now, you’re probably thinking about a certain question: what exactly is the best means of getting the most out of Digg?

Likewise, you’re most likely wondering whether there is a guaranteed way to have an article featured on the social bookmarking website’s homepage. Well, there is no such thing as a perfect approach. Nevertheless, I managed to identify several must-dos that make “Digging” synonymous with success.

All about Profile Perfection

Right after you’ve signed up for a Digg account, you should exert effort to make sure that your profile is as complete as can be. You should keep in mind though, that coming up with a detailed profile page is not just about describing your aims. Indeed, you should also place links to your social networking and instant messaging accounts so that even those not logged into Digg would be able to reach you.

On Broadening Your Circle

In order to take full advantage of what Digg has to offer, it should be among your priorities to expand your list of friends. Of course, you might be unsure as to how to approach such a task. Well, you only have to accomplish three things: make comments, choose to be a fan, and create external connections. Specifically, posting witty or insightful remarks, letting people know that they impress you, and adding friends through Facebook is a must.

The Perks of Being Natural

At this point, I should probably tell you about the difference between good and bad Diggs. Good Diggs simply pertain to bookmarks that have been placed using the Digg button or any other link that functions in the same manner. As you might have expected, progress in using the social bookmarking website is driven by the number of good Diggs made. On the other hand, bad Diggs that are acquired through paid means only bring forth damaging outcomes rank-wise.

Digg’s frontpage is a goldmine. 🙂

On Information at a Glance

        Before clicking on a link to an article, you usually read an important detail: the title. If such a piece of information manages to intrigue you, then you’d end up reading the entire article. Such a seemingly unimportant tendency of netizens does matter when attempting to conquer Digg. Due to this, you should always come up with interesting-yet-accurate titles for the articles that you wish to publish.

Considering a Shout’s Worth

        Digg’s shout feature is definitely an attention grabber. After all, such a function makes it possible for you to pique people’s interests without sending messages one by one. Of course, if one of your articles ends up getting viewed by more individuals due to such a “promotional approach”, its chances of being featured on Digg’s homepage gets a boost. Well, you should keep in mind however, that “shouting” too frequently is a sure way to infuriate individuals.

Enjoying Digg Achievements

As I’ve made clear throughout this guide to the basics of social bookmarking, taking advantage of Digg’s social media power is not a straightforward endeavor, as you’d have to pay attention to various matters. Nonetheless, by following the tips given above and remembering the facts discussed, rest assured that you’d be able to enhance your website’s visitor traffic and search engine visibility using Digg.


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