Some Awesome Social Media Add-ons for Your Website

One of the best ways to generate traffic to your site is to establish a presence in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Millions of people use these sites every day and if even a small fraction of them like what you’re sharing, you can enjoy hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your site. One convenient way to do this is to use social media add-ons. Of course, you probably already have Facebook and Twitter buttons on your site, but here are some of the essential social media add-ons that you must also add.


  1. Add This. This plug-in allows you to create a more enjoyable engagement experience for your site visitors. When a visitor sees content on your site that they like, they can bookmark it on virtually any social media site. More than 300 sites are available and the buttons can be personalized so that each user sees the services they use most often. And “Add This” is also beneficial to you since you can generate metrics on which social media sites your visitors use most often as well as which content is most shared and most likely to drive traffic back to your site.


  1. Shareaholic. This add-on for lets you easily share links with any social network by simply clicking on the relevant social network button. Over eighty networking sites are supported and the buttons are displayed in attractive and easy-to-use bar formats, such as the “Sexy Bar”. And you are also given access to Shareaholic Analytics, which lets you see which social media sites are referring the most traffic to your site, which content is the most shared and how visitors are reaching your site.


  1. Tweet old posts. This add-on lets you recycle old posts that might still be of interest to new readers. The tweets include the title of the post and a link to it, and you have the option to space your tweets, exclude certain posts based on category and even customize your tweets.


  1. CommentLuv. With this add-on, when a visitor leaves a comment, CommentLuv goes to their personal sites and offers links to their latest posts so that you can also help them advertise their content.


  1. Twitter Traffic Pop. This add-on causes a pop-up window to appear that invites visitors to write a tweet about your site. The add-on also allows you to localize your site by letting you to use multiple languages to customize it.

    Jump in the Social Media bandwagon! 🙂


  1. WordPress Facebook Blog. This add-on enables you to share your latest blog posts on your Facebook Fan Page simultaneously. Or you can opt to spotlight featured blog posts instead. And you have the choice of seven available themes.


  1. Exit Through Facebook Like. This add-on causes a pop-up box to appear when a user is about to navigate away from your site, inviting them to ‘like’ your site on Facebook. This not only enables you to get more fans but also to drive more qualified traffic to your Facebook Fan Page. And you can specify options such as the content of popup box and delay period before the user is redirected.


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