The anatomy of a “Facebook Share:” Getting Your Friends to Spread the Word

Starting a Facebook internet marketing campaign would not give you the results that you expect if your Facebook friends are not clicking the “Like” and “Share” buttons. You have to be more aggressive in using your social media network to spread the word about your brand and offer. The ultimate goal of your internet marketing initiative is to generate as much awareness as you could to result in more sales revenues. This is why implementing such a campaign is not as easy and effortless as most people think.

 You need to have a plan just as you would in a conventional marketing campaign in order for you to be on track to where you want to go. At the end of it all, you should also be able to measure your performance and evaluate your initiative based on a number of key result areas that you determine before you even start your campaign.

Having your friends to simply “Like” your posts is just not enough. You have to get them to participate in a more active manner. When they “Like” your post, it simply means that they are interested in whatever your message is. But, they are not exactly that interested to know more about it or to even talk about it with their friends and contact. You have to bring them up from this level of interest up to a more active level where they are raring to talk about you and your offer to anyone they interact with. The “Share” button is actually more important in your internet marketing than the “Like” button.

Take a look at these elements that make-up the anatomy of a “Facebook Share:”

  1. Novelty Value – you have to give your Facebook friends something new to talk about. Something old and drab but true will get them to give you a nod and then move on to more exciting things. Whatever it is, you have to give them the “wow” factor so that they feel the urge to tell others about you. They have to say “Hey friend, look at this! I bet you’ve never seen or heard anything like it before.”
  2. Engaging Subject – you need to put out something that will stir conversation. Online conversations have been proven to be powerful influencers of behavior. People talk about products and services online and determine, based on their online conversations, which ones are good to avail of and which ones are duds. You of course have to monitor these online conversations and moderate if need be especially if there are adverse reactions. Be controversial but not to the point of baiting negative comments and strong violent reactions.
  3. Exciting Offers – everyone loves contests and promotions. Upping the ante by adding the offer of a premium item or huge discounts with your posts will surely get your friends’ attention. Be quick and simple with your offers. People are naturally turned off with wonderful offers that get them up and jumping in excitement only to pull them back to the ground with the complicated steps that they have to take to avail of the offers. You have to be sincere in wanting to give out these exciting offers and your friends have to feel that they really have a chance at actually winning them.
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