The anatomy of a Google +1 in the Philippines

When Google Plus was introduced, the +1 button spelled out a certain degree of mystery to general users and webmasters.

While the fact remains that it is constantly being compared with Facebook’s button for “Like,” the +1 button claims to be much different is so many levels since it does not share the content directly to the user’s stream. However, with time, it becomes clear that it has a direct correlation to search engine optimization.


Google +1 Defined

Google gives out a simple definition for the +1 feature. In simple terms, +1 is a feature that will help online users in the process of discovering which content is trustworthy and worth believing. It is similar to a reputation point. The +1 can be applied by any user to a wide array of online content – this may include but is definitely not limited to the following: websites, search results, advertisements, even Google Plus posts. Once a +1 is awarded to any content, it will be shown in public via the Google Plus profile.


Effects of the +1 Button to a Website’s Performance in the Search Engine Game

Indeed, the +1 button has an effect to the website’s overall performance. But the effect is not really direct. Therefore, more +1’s do not necessarily translate to a higher search rank in the traditional optimization platform.

Actually, it might be doing more than that. For example, if I will search for a restaurant within the Metro Manila area, hundreds of search results will appear. Due to the fact that I do not have an idea on which one is the best, I will look for more signs that the search engine’s recommendations are worth trusting. I might consider the top search, for one, but definitely, I will consider my friends’ recommendation. This is where the +1 comes in. If I see my friends and relatives giving a +1 to a certain restaurant, I will consider it as a nod of approval from people whom I trust. This way, +1 can be considered as something truly useful.


Can +1 Be Related to SEO?

In a sense, the answer is yes. I can attest to the fact that the approach of Google is quite universal with the introduction of the +1 button. On top of that, the +1 link gives your link or content a greater chance when it comes to CTR or the Click-Thru-Rate. It entails that it is more likely that your content will be shared via different social media platforms like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, among others.


A variety of +1’s from different users will help your website gets more visibility for Filipino netizens. 🙂

What’s the Overall Effect?

In essence, Google +1 has a way of indirectly helping any website – be it personal or a business in the Philippines – to achieve a better search engine ranking. Indeed, it works very differently compared to the conventional Search Engine Optimization methodologies that can be controlled and orchestrated by the webmaster. But the idea is quite the same – you will get more nods of approval if you will come up with content that is of higher quality and worth giving +1 and deserves to be shared.

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