The art of a viral YouTube video

Sensations are made via YouTube. This proves to be true nowadays. With the rise of local celebrities here in the Philippines to international stardom, I believe that you understand the extent of the potential of YouTube.

It is not only a venue for sharing or storing fun videos of an individual or a family. It is also a space in the World Wide Web that can create opportunities for your online marketing business.


Stop Being Envious

Indeed, it feels great to come up with YouTube videos with 100 thousand views or more. It is a measure of appreciation and approval from the general public. However, you might stop at throwing envy at the makers of the viral YouTube videos. Here’s the tip: Stop being envious; that’s the first step. While there exists no definite formula for being successful in coming up with viral videos, there are some tips that prove to be helpful.

Following these tips might help you come up with your very own viral YouTube video and help you in the process of elevating your local business to a phenomenal level.


Stop Looking on the Surface

Every single day, tens or even hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded in YouTube. This lessens your chance of being noticed on the channel. However, you should always look into one important rule: you should not look at the surface. The videos are definitely what they seem.

The number one criterion that your video should meet is accessibility or the capability of being searched. You can come up with the finest video but if it is not searchable, it won’t be a hit.

Psy’s Gangnam Style – 650m+ Views


It is not all about the content

When it comes to video uploads in YouTube, yes, you should still look after the quality. It is one of the basic qualifications, but it is not everything. The following are some of the guidelines that might give you the general idea:


  1. As much as possible, keep your video short and simple. This will help you better manage the process of conveying any message. The generally accepted length is 15-30 seconds. This way, it will be much easier for your audience to “digest” your message.
  2. Use the Shock and Awe method. This way, you will compel your viewers to: 1) watch your video again; 2) share it to his friends; 3) investigate further on what you are offering on your video’s call to action part.
  3. Avoid obvious sellouts because it is a big turn off. People will not click that link if it is quite obvious that you are selling something.
  4. Appeal to emotion: You can do this by making compelling headlines that will either break your viewer’s hearts or affect their emotional disposition.

These are just some of the guidelines that you should follow.


In Conclusion

Given the guidelines, you can say that making a viral YouTube video is no rocket science. You just have to make it chewable and easier to digest so that your viewers can appreciate it better. Do not forget to post it and share it in other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, and even your email opt-in list. Most importantly, share it with your friends who will definitely help you out in doing the first steps of making it viral.



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