The Birth of a New Necessity: Are You Using Google+?

After reading the title of this post, you’d already understand that I am telling you to take advantage of Google+ if you haven’t done so already.

However, you might be one of those who feel a sense of loyalty to Facebook. You should keep in mind that it wouldn’t be necessary to leave the popular social network just to benefit from Google+. What is crucial though, is opening a Google account as soon as possible.

Starbucks Google + business page.

The Shift Has Already Begun

One of the main reasons every blogger and entrepreneur should begin using Google+ is that the social network is acquiring more engaging members of the business industry. In this sense, it would only be a matter of time before most individuals would begin to exert effort in checking and updating their Google+ page regularly. Of course, you might be wondering as to what drives people to shift to such a Facebook alternative. Well, the simplest reason for such a trend is that Google+ is directly connected to Gmail, YouTube, and Blogger – which can give you a distinct edge in your online marketing campaigns.

Forget about Friend Requests

        As to be expected, you might still be uncertain as to whether you’d benefit from the search giant’s latest offering. Hence, I should really tell you about an interesting fact: Google has managed to create a social network that doesn’t rely on a bothersome friend request system. Simply put, you’d no longer have to spend so much time searching for people who might want to join your list of friends, since adding a friend in Google+ doesn’t involve a lengthy approval process that is synonymous with uncertainty.

Significance of Security Levels

Aside from having a seamless friend system, Google’s very own social networking hub boasts a safe security level feature. This means that if you’re planning to maintain a single Google+ page for both personal and business purposes, you’d not have to worry about releasing content to the wrong group of people. As I’ve found out firsthand, every article or video shared through Google+ has a security level option, which in turn means that it wouldn’t be necessary to tinker with all sorts of general privacy options.

Visibility and Ranking Benefits  

Google+ has the potential to significantly boost the search visibility and ranking of your websites. Specifically, you can get followers and garner +1s, superb outcomes are guaranteed.

On the Latest Online Necessity        

        To reiterate, many of your audience have found a new home online that doesn’t involve approval-based friend systems and unreliable safety level features: Google+. As I’ve also mentioned above, such a new social networking hub has the power to help your website attain online dominance.

All in all, it would definitely be appropriate to say that you should start using Google+ as soon as possible, since doing so is the latest online necessity.


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