Tips on Going Viral with a YouTube Video

Posting videos on YouTube has become one of the most effective methods of getting your message across, particularly when it goes viral.

Going viral means a video has not just generated millions of views, but is also being shared by viewers to their friends and family. Internet marketers in particular can greatly benefit from creating viral videos, since they have low production costs; and once the video has gone viral, virtually no promotion costs since viewers will voluntarily share it, expanding its reach to millions of viewers all over the world. So how can you benefit in the same way? Here are some tips on how to go viral with local YouTube videos.

  1. Keep it short. With all the distractions available on the Internet, we all know that most people no different from us do not have the time or the patience to watch long videos. The best viral videos should be no more than three to five minutes long, enough to be watched quickly by busy people in between work or study sessions. If you have more to say, just break the video into two or more parts, since people will be more likely to watch two or three short videos than a long one.
  2. Use humor. Filipinos love to laugh, and if you can tap their funny bone, they’ll surely share your videos. Don’t force the humor, however, since an unfunny video can easily become annoying. One effective way to create a funny video is to parody something that is currently popular, whether it is an advertisement or the latest hit movie or ubiquitous celebrity. Or you can add subtitles or incongruous sound effects to a video to achieve a humorous effect.
  3. Be creative and original. What people are always looking for in a video is something that they have not seen before. If you can give them that, then your video is sure to go viral. Examples are striking visuals or special effects. But even a video featuring something as simple as a pet doing something cute like playing the piano is something that can catch people’s interest and go viral.
  4. Keep it simple and focused. Know what you want to say before you start shooting the video and make sure the message comes across in the final product. Remember that your video lasts only a few minutes so make every second count.
  5. Use an approach which makes you feel most comfortable. Some people like to create scripts for their videos, while others prefer to work with the germ of an idea and then develop it while shooting. Choose the approach which works best for you and which gives you the best results.
  6. Don’t post a video just for the sake of doing so. Make sure the videos that you post are worth people’s time watching. At the same time, however, if you feel you have ten worthwhile videos, post all of them, since this greatly increases the chances that one of them will catch people’s fancy and go viral.
  7. Make your video look as professional as possible. With video equipment becoming relatively more affordable, there’s no reason why you should post a murky looking video with poor sound and picture quality.
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