Top 10 Things to Avoid in Using Twitter as Your Marketing Channel

Over the years, Twitter has pitched in several improvements to the website that currently, it is home to a lot of business-friendly features.

So when you get a following from users, it would be nice to find ways of keeping them. How? By avoiding the following pitfalls:

Unclear Content

The contents on your business page should be strictly about your business. To make sure you are on track, tailor your content to your business goals.

Usual promotional tweets which may or may not get attention. @_@

Swarming Updates

Updating your followers once a week is acceptable. Doing it daily is not. Too much information swarms their page, so chances are, they will either hide your feeds or totally unsubscribe from you.

Getting Too Personal

Recognize the boundary between your personal Twitter account and your business page. Stay business-like by avoiding personal comments relating to religion, politics, and your competitors. Retain professionalism to gain the public’s respect.

Too Much Disclosure

Even if you own a small business, recognize between proprietary and public information. Trade secrets should not be given away at all costs. It makes your followers happy, and increases their conversion rate to become customers, but when the benefits are outdated, you have nothing more to offer.


Hitting on Your Competitors

We’ve always been taught how to be polite and take competition healthily. I can tell you that I automatically unsubscribe to business pages that wage war against their competitors. Instead of bringing in an online arena, focus on your marketing strategy to win.


Ignoring User Comments

People would always have something to say about your business. If it’s something good, thank them. If it’s negative, appreciate the feedback and make improvements. Online business pages are not primarily for improving your revenues but for engaging your visitors to make them feel special.


Not Answering Questions

If you don’t know it yet, questions from your visitors are indications of interest, so answer them promptly. Your efforts to keep them engaged contribute to your making mere visitors a customer.


Incomplete Profile

Why would someone be interested in a business page whose profile page is incomplete? Make sure that the information on your page is complete and up to date. Keep it interesting too.


Excessive Sales Pitching

People know that they are following a business entity so you do not need to get the point across to them. If your page or feeds are about selling yourself, your luck will be preceded by your reputation as a talker. Let your followers respond and not the other way around.


Insensitive or Invalid Tweets

This is a collection of anything that jeopardizes your credibility as a business owner. A good example would be offering a discount promotion that is no longer active, making remarks concerning a certain race, gender, or age, and committing typographical errors in your profile. I know that we Filipinos always think that no one is perfect, but we have time to check for these things, right?


The pitfalls mentioned are commonly committed by businesses that are yet getting used to the idea of using social networking pages to drive their business. Among other things, better judgment is your best driver to help you stay there.

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