Top 8 Tricks to Make your Social Media Active even when You Don’t Have a Blog

Social media is currently one of the cornerstones of internet marketing.

What if you don’t have a blog? Social media marketing can actually stand up on its own without the aid of a blog.

What if you don’t have a blog? Social media marketing can actually stand up on its own without the aid of a blog.

As every good internet marketer will tell you, the use of social media domains such as Facebook and Twitter contribute incredibly to the popularity of a website. However, this technique is usually combined with blogs to multiply their power.

The question is – what if you don’t have a blog? Social media marketing can actually stand up on its own without the aid of a blog. If this is the exact situation you have right now, following are some of the things you might want to keep in mind.

Personal Page

A Facebook personal page is the first order of business when aiming for online presence. The goal is to have something that connects you with people you know that could help as a baseline for the business. Note that your existing profile may only be used if you clean it up. This means you might want to take out the “too” personal stuff among your status updates. It’s usually best if you simply open a new account and start adding friends from there.

Public Page

A public page is also important – allowing everyone to access information regarding your online business. This works mostly for sharing purposes. If you start sharing content through your personal profile, your 2nd or 3rd degree friends wouldn’t have any problem accessing vital information. Facebook public pages are also incredibly useful if you want to track the effectiveness of your effectiveness of your campaign.

Landing Page

Facebook also makes it possible for you to create a landing page. This is the first thing visitors will see once they visit your public profile and will be very significant in how they will receive your business.

Open a Twitter

Create an official Twitter account as well as a personal one. Twitter is the second biggest social media tool if you want to connect with the target market.

Create LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another great place to collect clients and find out more about them. It mostly functions as a professional recommendation site, allowing you to build up your professional profile.

Fresh Content

Always post fresh content to your social media account, timing it perfectly to work. Unlike blogs where one post per day is enough, social media will require several posts each. It might not seem like it, but social media accounts also operate on SEO so choose your words wisely. The hash tag ability of Twitter is also incredibly useful.

Time it Properly

The best time to post your Tweets will be in the morning, possibly 3 consecutive posts times within short intervals. The goal is to make sure that your followers get to see every post you make. Note that what you have posted in Twitter should be modified for Facebook and vice versa.


Once you’ve got everything set up, it’s time to start networking. Add people to your list, making sure that they’re part of the target market. Concentrate on the social media marketing option that works best for you.

To wrap it up, it’s STILL possible for you to be social media active without an existing blog. If you really want to ace internet marketing however, it’s best to open up a blog right now and star linking your social media activities to the blog. This way, you’ll get twice better results at a faster time.

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