Ways to Monitor Social Media Channels

Monitoring social media channels is an important aspect of internet marketing.

If you have no idea if your campaigns are working, how would you be able to improve it or know which techniques aren’t really helping?

If you have no idea if your campaigns are working, how would you be able to improve it or know which techniques aren’t really helping?

After all, if you have no idea if your campaigns are working, how would you be able to improve it or know which techniques aren’t really helping?

The good news is that monitoring your social media accounts isn’t really that hard. In just 10 minutes per day, you’ll be able to check several accounts and find out whether your internet marketing strategies are making their mark. That being said, here are some tips you might want to know about when it comes to keeping track of the market’s response.

Use Tools

The advantage of the tech age is that you get applications for practically anything. All social media domains offer different tools that could help with tracking your online presence. There’s TweetDeck for Twitter users and Google Alerts for any searches involving your products, company name and services. Facebook statuses are quick and easy to access as well as any questions that might be asked through LinkedIn. Other tools that you might find interesting include:

  • Social Mention – a freeware, it’s a great way for online business owners to track statistics on your keyword based on how clients view it. Since it’s a freeware, the amount of access you get is fairly limited, but it does cover a 30-day period that offers fairly accurate data.
  • Reputation Defender – as the name suggests, this particular tool allows businesses to monitor how their brand is being viewed by the target market. It offers additional help on Google search results, allowing individuals some control on what shows up after a related search.
  • Trendrr – if you want to find out how your brand is doing compared to competitors, Trendrr is the way to go. It offers a comprehensive graphing system that lets you find out exactly where you are in the industry scale for betterment purposes.
  • Radian6 – for those who have some budget for market monitoring, Radian6 is one of the top applications to opt for. This is basically an all in one application, managing to pull in information from the web, analyzes it and spits out a comprehensive rating of the brand based on the target market.
  • Tweetburner – this application makes it possible for you to track each click made on URLs posted through Twitter. This lets business owners know just how much impact their marketing campaign has.

Prioritize Accounts

If you only have a few minutes each day to spare, create a list of accounts that you consider to be the most important. Keep in mind that the internet is a constant stream of conversations and skipping just a few days can get you lost. Hence, it’s best that you make considerations on which social media streams deserve most of your attention.

Monitoring social medial channels shouldn’t be that hard – several minutes of your time each day should be enough. Don’t forget that monitoring is not enough though. You should be able to interpret what the numbers mean so you’d know exactly what to do in response to the statistics.

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