What to Do With a Facebook Comment

Do you know that you can achieve a lot when a customer/client comments to your page?

Always remember this: whatever you post through Facebook automatically becomes an object of scrutiny. Some people will appreciate it, some will have something to say about it, some will ignore it, some will hide it, and some will simply find fault in it. This is the world of social networking, and online advertising are not spared from it. So look at your Facebook business page, take note of the comments from your recent posts, and go over them as I guide you on what to do with those.

Gather them. It may appear as though people are only expressing their reactions about your business page, the ads you post, the offers you launch, and the updates you feed. If you let your thinking stay limited this way, then these comments will stay as they are – insignificant testaments that really do not matter when it comes to doing your business. In the same way, your business will also stay the same – a stagnant repository of products and services that are always the same. What about gathering them and establishing a trend?

Use them as drivers to improvement. Related to the above, these comments on your business page will never mean anything if you do not understand the purpose they serve. So by gathering and reading through them, what trend do you see? What criticisms have you got so far? In what aspect of your business undertaking is it prevalent? What areas were you praised on? Why? If you can answer this question, then you would have realized what you need to do improve your lacking.

Use them as keys to be competitive. In contrast to using criticisms or negative feedback to drive change to your business, this aspect deals with the praises you have received. Among these praises, what stands out as the best quality of your business? What advertising or promotion strategy did you employ to win these approvals? Once you get the answer to it, you can try to innovate and stand out among your competitors. Remember that the Filipino community always leans on fad. If you can establish your own trend in approaching your business niche, you’re on your way.

Check every detail of an FB comment… from the wordings to the capitalization in order to analyze any campaign/situation you have.

Respond to them. If you think that analyzing the comments you received ends there, you’re wrong. Your responsibility as a good entrepreneur lies on how you manage these diverse comments. You need to respond to them because it is a way to engage visitors to become customers, and for customers to give their loyalty to you. Appreciate the positive comments and acknowledge the negative ones. Doing this will tell people that you are not only wallowing on what makes your business good but you are also open to positive changes.

There are boundaries – things that are a bit off and entertaining them are just a waste of time. What you can do is to moderate them and even ask for clarifications. Remember that in a business; nothing is clearer than the customer’s perspective. Because your perspective is in the business context, you may not readily see what these are. These are what comments are for. They help you see what is overlooked.

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