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10 Insider’s Tips on How to Make Customers Love Your Brand in the Philippines

  Gone are the days when companies refer to themselves in the third person. Today, the biggest selling point is approachability. The goal is to cultivate customer relationships and make it seem as those the business is a friendly neighbour that can be easily approach for any problem. After all, ...

The Art of Epic Brand Storytelling in the Philippines

  Brand storytelling is perhaps one of the most potent branding tools in your marketing arsenal. Using stories to convey a brand message is really not a new thing. Advertising companies in the Philippines have been peddling stories to promote brands for as long as anyone can remember.

The Complete Guide of Creating an Online Brand Strategy in the Philippines

In focus: Jollibee and McDonald’s. Both offer the same types of products. Both are found almost always side by side with each other. And sometimes, you walk inside Mcdonalds and confidently blurt out: “One Chickenjoy please!” In another part of the country, Business A and B are on a head on competition. ...
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