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14 Geeky Things You Can Do with Facebook Graph Search in the Philippines

  Facebook’s latest feature is both creepy and interesting. Other than it gives you more power to stalk more people, it can also wield a lot of detailed information about your target market in the Philippines.
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How Important Is Facebook’s Promoted Posts in the Philippines?

  Filipinos love Facebook – because it gives them a chance to share statuses, photos, and interests to their family and friends and stalk their friends’ lives at the same time. It also gives you an update about the latest trends and news in your local area, such as if there’s another Ondoy ...

10 Mega-Vital Approaches in Tweaking your Brand’s Facebook Cover Photo

  Facebook cover photos have always played a limited but vital role in marketing your Facebook business page. Vital because your cover photo serves as a visual treat designed to tickle your page visitors’ fancies enough for them to hang out a bit longer on your page and browse through your various ...

13 Fatal Mistakes of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

“I’m getting married!” says a status update from your best friend’s Facebook account. It would be your moment as the best man, too! But the post was seen by 500 people and written in one of the comments is: “Juan is my best man.” You are not Juan. A post from a college mate says, “See you ...

The CPM Option in Facebook Ads – Is It the Better Option?

Facebook has become an increasingly attractive site to run ads because of the sheer number of visitors that use the site. There are some 150 million unique visitors to Facebook daily, representing a great opportunity to attract traffic to your site, as well as being a rich source of prospects that can ...

Ways to Get Banned from Social Networks

It’s pretty easy to join social network sites.  It’s pretty easy to get banned too.  Your reputation matters because there is a lot of help your business can derive from social networking sites.  If you do not want to get banned from these sites and lose out on internet marketing opportunities, ...

How to Get More Filipinos to “Like” You in Facebook

The phenomenon of the Facebook “Like” as seen in the marketing site is this: businesses get to know who and how many are patrons and how many are potential customers.

How to Encourage Facebook Shares

I seriously think that there is a competition going on between the Like and Share functions in Facebook.

The Power of a “Like Contest”

A “Like Contest” means a competition wherein the winner is decided by the person, group, topic, etc. that garners the most likes.

Harnessing Your Facebook Ads to Attract Filipinos

Facebook ads are utilized by enterprising individuals to conduct research, promote products or services, collect raw data, etc.
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