The Power of Google Analytics

The most popular and widely used web analytics is the Google Analytics.

The Anatomy of a Page Rank – How Google Likes your Website

No one really knows the exact way Google ranks websites, but we definitely have a good guess on how it works.

Learning about Latent Semantic Indexing: Effective Easy-to-Follow Pointers

Latent Semantic Indexing, more conveniently referred to as LSI, is not just another term that “pros” use to scare away their not-so-experienced counterparts.

The 10 classic SEO Strategies that still works – Updated for 2012

“Findability” is the coined word that refers to the common and sole objective of every search engine optimization task.

Flipping Local Websites – an Easy Way to Make Money Online

Flipping local websites is akin to flipping a house. Flipping a house involves buying a house at a bargain, renovating it and selling it at a handsome profit. Similarly, you can buy an existing local website then rebuild and monetize it.

Beginner’s Guide to Making Money Online

If you want to make money online, there are only two major ways to do it: one is to monetize your site and the other is to become an affiliate and market a vendor’s products using your site. Let’s take a closer look at these two methods to see how they can be accomplished. Monetizing Your Site This ...

Seven Tips for Protecting Your Brand’s Online Reputation

If you have not Googled your company lately, you may be in for a shock at what you find. Filipinos love to talk, and they may be talking about you and not in a positive way. So now, you’re facing a reputation problem as one negative comment gets picked up in the echo chamber that is the Internet. Now ...

Seven Top Tips for Surviving Google’s Icy Penguin Slaps

“Have you been slapped by Penguin?” is something that many website owners have been asking ever since Google’s update went into effect and started affecting the search engine rankings of erring sites. While Google estimates that only 3% of English search queries would be affected, this would be ...
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