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8 Simple Psychological Spells to Attract More Leads in the Philippines

  Magic is real. There are spells that works on Filipino customers (and turn them into frogs), which in turn means that you could make your marketing activities much easier.

Link Building Strategies for 2012

Picture a convergence mechanism where you monopolize the traffic to your website depending on the kind of business you own.

How to Outsmart Your Online Competition—Through Science!

If you’ve ever wondered why some businesses just seem to thrive online while yours flop around gasping for air, then maybe you can ask for our old friend Science for help.

Top 10 Things to Highlight for Your Sales Page

The Sales Page is possibly the most aggressive marketing online businesses can use for their target market. There’s no subtlety in there – just blatant advertising.

Cyber Bullying in the Philippines

Cyber bullying in the Philippines is a very real thing –  with millions of people being connected to the internet in the country, everyone can fall prey.

Killer Cover Photo Ideas for Your Facebook Page

I remember when Facebook first came out with Timeline – everyone hated it and tried their best to delay the conversion of their profiles.

Seven Tips for Protecting Your Brand’s Online Reputation

If you have not Googled your company lately, you may be in for a shock at what you find. Filipinos love to talk, and they may be talking about you and not in a positive way. So now, you’re facing a reputation problem as one negative comment gets picked up in the echo chamber that is the Internet. Now ...

Internet Marketing Psychology and Analytics

  Internet Marketing is a huge industry, with different niches to dive-in… it all requires work, time and money. While psychology is the study of human personality.
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