Your local listing in Google Places: Tips and Tricks in Taking Advantage of Google Places

With the launch of Google Plus, I predicted that Google is up to something really big.

Drawing the line Between You and Your Competitors

Internet marketing is not only about having products and/or services to sell online and promoting them in more ways than one to a targeted audience via your business website

Do you have a sitemap for Google?

A Sitemap – always spelled with a capital S – is a list of the different pages in your site or in the simplest explanation, a map of your website.

The Power of Google Analytics

The most popular and widely used web analytics is the Google Analytics.

The Anatomy of a Page Rank – How Google Likes your Website

No one really knows the exact way Google ranks websites, but we definitely have a good guess on how it works.

Geographical Target Marketing – Search Engine Marketing

Considering how vast the internet is, it’s really tough to get a credible part of the niche.

Searching for Hot and Profitable Niches: a Must Read for Budding Bloggers

I’ve been asked a certain question far too many times: is there a convenient way to look for “hot and profitable” niches in the Philippines?

Learning about Latent Semantic Indexing: Effective Easy-to-Follow Pointers

Latent Semantic Indexing, more conveniently referred to as LSI, is not just another term that “pros” use to scare away their not-so-experienced counterparts.

Top 10 WordPress Plug-Ins: the Ultimate List of Useful Add-Ons

I have always been fascinated by WordPress plug-ins and since I’ve spent so much time dabbling with such add-ons

The 10 classic SEO Strategies that still works – Updated for 2012

“Findability” is the coined word that refers to the common and sole objective of every search engine optimization task.
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